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Ash, Solicitor
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Re: Direct Access Instruction I have pleaded not guilty

Customer Question

Re: Direct Access Instruction
I have pleaded not guilty for your information on the 22 December 2014 and to re-attend for the trial on the 27 April 2015 at 1:30pm, Romford Magistrates.
I have attached the full prosecution witness statement evidence namely two officers which confirm their was an operation in place in such area furthermore you will note the comments which is suggested I have made, which the Police have misinterpreted my comments in addition such submissions prior to arrest.
I note within the Police chronology it is mentioned I approached a female on a street in order to solicit which in fact I was minding my own business parked within my vehicle in the driving seat position and I was suddenly approached by this female after you will note my written statement comments.
Furthermore just to mention comments like I have been done like a kipper is purely my sense of humour and I watched incidents like this on Eastenders and Pick TV and further comments was outside a mosque shouldn't have stopped is completely the opposite as I felt safe outside a mosque to make a phone call.
For your understanding I was confronted by a lone female at my front driver side window who did not say much and looked alarmed and distress I was very confused hence why I made the following suggestion which was entirely to establish what she wanted and just general conversation presentation response was intended but I do speak quietly hence why the misunderstanding and now the Police are misinterpreting the comments with their vision of events in order to prosecute an innocent individual who had no intention to solicit any one as the Police enticed me to such entrapment.
Please note you will notice they are suggesting the female Police officer who approached my vehicle had a wire but clearly it was in seconds she never understood what I said nor replied to me and the only word she wanted to hear from me was like Business she turned around and went off rapidly which I found this purely a set up in frank terms to build a negative case up against me when that was not my motive at all neither I approached her to reiterate such Police chronology, I refute which has an element of doubt in such case, which is not the interest of justice to prosecute an individual under such circumstances further more I was in custody for a lengthy period of time for your information.
I look forward to your full review of the mentioned evidence if you feel I have prospects of success moving forward and request your clerk to contact the CPS as acting if you can take on my direct access instruction at a competitive rate just to attend the magistrates on the 27th April 2015 at 1:30pm, Romford and then request the further outstanding evidence such as the recording which they catered for their own requirements and a total misunderstanding furthermore I had no funds in my wallet which should be documented within my property when I arrived in custody namely only £20 within my wallet therefore if I had such intention I had no funds to pay etc.
You will notice I do have previous convictions which is very unfortunate but the last time I have been convicted was in January 2012 most which you will note is mainly driving offences nothing of similar nature what so ever.
Kind Regards
Jubair Choudhury (Mario Valentino)
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Ash replied 3 years ago.
Alex Watts : Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help,you with this.
Alex Watts : Just for clarify, are you seeking to instruct us or just for advice?
Alex Watts : This is a question and answer site so we can only give you advice or answer questions
Alex Watts : What is it you would like to know about your question ?
JACUSTOMER-rfr5dasm- :

I would like to instruct a Barrister directly to attend court for the trial? and to review my entrapment defence or any legal argument

JACUSTOMER-rfr5dasm- :

First time I am using this service hence why not fully aware of such platform

Alex Watts : Sure. Sadly we can review your situation but we can not be instructed. You would need to instruct a barrister directly through a site like MyBarrister or Clerksroom Direct
JACUSTOMER-rfr5dasm- :

If I google your name can I instruct that way?

Alex Watts : sadly not as I work for guys site
Alex Watts : sorry I work for this site
JACUSTOMER-rfr5dasm- :

I am numbered then

JACUSTOMER-rfr5dasm- :

Conflict of interest

Alex Watts : ssdly this is a question and answer site for legal questions, but we can't be instructed
JACUSTOMER-rfr5dasm- :

Ok please confirm and such defence are not aware of?

JACUSTOMER-rfr5dasm- :

any such

JACUSTOMER-rfr5dasm- :

Ok please confirm any such defence I am not aware of?

Alex Watts : What is the charge against you?
JACUSTOMER-rfr5dasm- :

For my circumstances

JACUSTOMER-rfr5dasm- :

Soliciting another for the sexual services in a public place

JACUSTOMER-rfr5dasm- :

But this was a Police officer

Alex Watts : but you did not, is that right?
JACUSTOMER-rfr5dasm- :

No intention whtsoever the lady approached my vehicle while I was parked and I was on the telephone trying to make a call that's reason I parked up a little down the road not at corna but lady approached my vehicle in a alarm and distress sort of look and I only wanted to establish what she wanted but I said are you doing business or something police lady had a wire walked off the incident was in seconds plus they had operation in place in such red light area hence the operation

JACUSTOMER-rfr5dasm- :

that's the reason I parked up

Alex Watts : Ok then you are right to plead not guilty.
Alex Watts : the prosecution will have to prove you had it in your mind to seek sexual services beyond reasonable doubt
Alex Watts : it will come down to credibility and who the court believes
JACUSTOMER-rfr5dasm- :

Plus I had not money in my wallet when I was in custody

JACUSTOMER-rfr5dasm- :

If I had any intention

Alex Watts : but the police must prove you are guily, you do not have to prove you are innocent
JACUSTOMER-rfr5dasm- :

I am normally a happy go lucky chap and friendly when speaking to people not negative to positive plus have humor

JACUSTOMER-rfr5dasm- :

Plus I spent 21 hours in custody for this

JACUSTOMER-rfr5dasm- :

So far

JACUSTOMER-rfr5dasm- :

Plus it was in seconds the whole incident

Alex Watts : indeed. The fact you had no money helps.
Alex Watts : Can I clarify anything for you about this today please?
JACUSTOMER-rfr5dasm- :

I have emailed so many Barristers

JACUSTOMER-rfr5dasm- :

No one replies

JACUSTOMER-rfr5dasm- :


JACUSTOMER-rfr5dasm- :

Just ignore

Alex Watts : Try MyBarrister or Clerksroom direct
Alex Watts :
JACUSTOMER-rfr5dasm- :

Will I get my cost back if I win

JACUSTOMER-rfr5dasm- :

From the NTT

Alex Watts :
Alex Watts : You can ask for legal costs yes
JACUSTOMER-rfr5dasm- :

Can entrapment be defence in UK

JACUSTOMER-rfr5dasm- :


Alex Watts : No.
JACUSTOMER-rfr5dasm- :

Can I argue entrapment

JACUSTOMER-rfr5dasm- :


JACUSTOMER-rfr5dasm- :


Alex Watts : No
Alex Watts : You have rated bad service despite Me giving you the legal answer?
Alex Watts : Entrapment is not a defence within the UK
Alex Watts : But the police still have to show intent
Alex Watts : If they can't there is no prosecution
Alex Watts : Can I clarify anything for you about this today please?