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My complaint concerns a broken lease agreement with my commercial

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My complaint concerns a broken lease agreement with my commercial landlord, the fault lies with him, and a resulting problem concerning the energy provider N POWER. I have tried every possible approach to resolve the issue to no avail. Desperate to know where to turn for help. Val Shaw
Alex Watts :

Hello Val my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.

Alex Watts :

Could you please explain your situation a little more?

Customer: I started my business when I and my colleagues were made redundant..... The potential premises were pretty dire but I got a loan from Nat West and began turning them into what has become a successful and friendly salon. The only concern that I had was the shared electricity supply with the flat upstairs... Frequently inhabited by several people. The landlord assured me that the supply would be splt as a matter of urgency and a clause to that effect is included in my lease agreement, written by the landlord's lawyers and for which I was charged a sizeable amount. In the meantime the cost was supposed to be apportioned fairly by an agent. No amount of requests for details of the account resulted in any information for me. Calls to the supplier were met with a refusal to give any information because of data protection because the account was not in my name. I was advised by a meter reader to pay something towards my own usage and subsequently paid two cheques in the amount of £800 and £ 500 as a measure of my good intent. Those cheques have gone through the bank but I have never received any acknowledgement of them from the supplier.
Alex Watts :

What is it you want to achieve?

Customer: The supply was split approximately 2 years ago and I have a commercial account which is up to date and in credit. It appears that now that the supplier have my name linked to the address they are bent on getting me to pay the amount of almost £3000 even though it is a domestic account and has never been in my name. Numerous emails and calls to the landlord have achieved absolutely nothing and the letter, not a clear account continues to arrive on my desk. I have never disputed that part of the bill is mine but am appalled that the landlord refuses to address the issue. NPower are also threatening to hand my details to the credit agency . I am exhausted and frustrated and have no idea which way to turn.
Customer: i would very much like the account to be settled fairly and as soon as possible .
Customer: Should I log off and check for a response later?
Customer: There seems to be a problem.... I will save and exit and hope for a response soon
Customer: Can not rate as there has been no answer yet
Customer: Have not yet received an answer!!!!
Alex Watts : So they think you owe the £3,000? How much do you think you owe?
Customer: I have never received a bill....therefore I have no way of knowing. The issue is the total disregard by the landlord of any liability, the failure to honour the lease agreement and the failure by N Power to produce an account.Since the account was in place in someone else's name before I began my lease agreementI would expect to pay a pro rated amount for my usage ...less the amount that I have already paid......the landlord should honour the balance of the debt, since the issue is of their making.
Customer: As no response is forthcoming I shall save and exit and hope for a response tomorrow.
Alex Watts : Ok so there is a £3k bill and you don't know whether you owe any or all of it?
Alex Watts : is N Power chasing you for the debt ?
Customer: They keep sending me a letter which says I owe just less than £3000. The account has never been in my name as I said earlier, but as it was initially a shared account I do owe a portion and the landlord the rest, since the tenant was his and nothing to do with me. I have never received an account which shows the amount that I have paid towards it.
Alex Watts : If you have never had an account how can N Power demand payment ?
Customer: Precisely..... I do have an account now at the same address because the supply has been split....they have linked my name to to outstanding account and are trying to make me pay. It is in fact the landlords's responsibility to pay a the larger amount.
Alex Watts : But the previous account was never in your name though?
Customer: No it was not
Alex Watts : Ok then you don't need to pay. They can't make you pay an account that was never yours.
Alex Watts : what you should do is write to the provider N Power and make a written complaint
Alex Watts : npower, Customer Relations, PO Box 97, Peterlee, County Durham, SR8 9AP
Alex Watts : They should investigate the complaint and report back to you. If you are not satisfied with that then you can complain to the ombudsman.
Alex Watts : they offer a free, independent service and can examine your complaint for free. They are located at
Alex Watts : that should resolve your complaint
Alex Watts : Can I clarify anything for you about this today please?
Customer: Thank you for your help..... I will be writing to N Power as you have suggested.
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