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Dear Sirs, Can traffic enforcement cameras, those plastic

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Dear Sirs,
Can traffic enforcement cameras, those plastic dome CCTV cameras attached to corner buildings, issue tickets for red light offences?
I happen to pass a red traffic light inadvertently, there were two traffic lights close to each other, I passed the first while this was yellow and coild't stop or I would have been hit by the car behind me. I kept going on without noticing that the other traffic light, located approx 30 meters further on was synchronised with the traffic light I just passed and went through a red light. The first traffic light I passed with the yellow light controls a main junction, the second one I passed with the red controls only a pedestrian crossing.
I noticed that at this junction there was no Red Light Camera (those yellow boxes with the camera inside positioned right behind the traffic lights) but there was a traffic enforvement camera poditioned diagonally at approx 45 degrees to the right hsnd side behind the second traffic light, that I happened to pass with the red light. This camera it is positioned right over a large yellow grid painted on the road where drivers are not supposed to be stopping. I have obviously not received any notifications yet (this happened today) but I wonder whether such a traffic offence camera (not a red light camera), positioned diagonally to the traffic light could be used to issue red light offenve tickets and, if so, what chances would I have to defend such a notice should I receive one?
Many thanks for your advice and best regards.
G Fiorentino @ "*****@******.***"
Thank you for your question. My name is ***** ***** I will try to help with this.
If this is local council CCTV then it will not be for the purposes of traffic enforcement. There is no reason they couldn't use that footage if it showed the offence but it will not and they will not see it.
If these are traffic light cameras then their purpose is to capture these offences and there is a risk that they could.
I'm not sure on what basis you could defend this? You seem to accept the offence. You can always put them to proof as you can with any offence but you are not raising a positive defence.
Can I clarify anything for you?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Dear Jo,
The dome camera is a TFL traffic enforcement camera, it's indicaed also on TFL map of traffic enforcement cameras. As said it is positioned to control (only??) the yellow grid painted on the road's intersection where motorists are never supposed to stop. As said is diagonally placed to the traffic light. I guess I have to wait and see if I get a ticket...
If this is TFL then they do not generally share footage with the police unless the police seize it which they will not do in a situation like this.
TFL do enforce things like yellow box junctions sometimes but not S36 traffic light offences.
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