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there, I have a issue where by my former girlfriend

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Hi there,
I have a issue where by my former girlfriend is threatening to take me to court for a large sum of money.
She is claiming for gifts purchased, dinners and places we have stayed.
She is also threading to claim for reimbursement for two abortions, but she had a medical contraceptive implant. She is claiming costs were £12,000 and an approx £3,000 for gifts dinners etc,
Am I liable for this, gifts dinner etc we're a two way thing we both paid for each other but the abortion due to the fact she had an implant she assured me that there would no issues.
Thank you for your question. My name is ***** ***** I will try to help with this.
Please don't worry. This is just the usual twaddle for a narcissistic attention seeker.
An abortion does not cost anything even remotely like £12k for a start.
To claim against you she is going to have to show there was a contract that you would pay something. It does not need to be a formal one. It can be implied from circumstances.
A Judge is not likely to accept that things like dinners were strictly to be divided. Places you stayed at may be. It depends. If you went away on holiday and she paid for everything then probably a court would accept you must have agreed to pay for something. If she paid for the hotel and you paid for the flights, for instance, then probably not.
In relation to the abortion, she cannot just claim to punish you for being an uncommitted suitor. She has to prove that there was an agrement you would pay. I would phone up a few clinics if I were you and gather their prices. She will get about £200 if anything at all.
Try to avoid having anything to do with women like this. We all have relationships disputes. We don't all make hysterical threats of litigation.
Can I clarify anything for you?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thanks for your quick response, she has provided me with a spreadsheet break down of all costs incurred.
X1 abortion £8000 as it was week 15 she went private
X1abortion private again but £2000
Can you clarify the part about an implied contracted, I think I may have offered to assist with payment and I have a wtsapp message confirming this I think but she refused. Point blank refused.
In summary it's very unlikely this could go to court or I could be libel for the amount of £15,000 as that seem extremely excessive.
Yes I am trying to stay away from her but she has been causing me bother, stress and grief for the last 8 months unfortunately
How kind of her. So much better than getting a job instead of boring you.
There can't be an implied contract. Either there was an agreement or there wasn't. The law of contract doesn't exist for her to use to take revenge against you. If you offered and she refused there is no contract. Download the message or save the screenshot before she deletes it. Remember she will be logging onto Mumsnet and other similar sites where other angry women will tell her how to pervert the course of justice.
She could sue. If she does you will have to defend it. She might get something. She isn't going to get £15k.
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