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on behalf of my nan (85) she has been renting the same proprty

Customer Question

on behalf of my nan (85) she has been renting the same proprty since 1984. i belive it to be an assured tennancy, not sure. speaking with the landlord (who has changed a number of times) she is guaranteed to live there until she dies. my question is does she have any right to buy at a i can buy it for her? her rent is now nearly more than her pension...
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Ash replied 3 years ago.
Alex Watts :

Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you wtih this.

Alex Watts :

For now please let me know whether it is a private landlord or the Council?

JACUSTOMER-bbtmnbw2- : private
Alex Watts :

Its bad news then I am afraid.

Alex Watts :

If this was a Council or Housing Association tenancy there is a right to buy

Alex Watts :

But because this is a private landlord I am sorry to say there is no right to buy or even get a discount

Alex Watts :

I am sorry if this is not the answer you want and certainly not the one I want to give you, but I have a duty to be honest

Alex Watts :

Can I clarify anything for you about this today please?

JACUSTOMER-bbtmnbw2- : how do i find out if it was a housing association, whats the diference?
Alex Watts :

Just ask the Landlord.

Alex Watts :

Housing Association is a public body

JACUSTOMER-bbtmnbw2- : ah ok.
Alex Watts :

For example Birmingham Housing Association rather than Bill Jones who is the Landlord

JACUSTOMER-bbtmnbw2- : thanks
Alex Watts :

Does that help?

JACUSTOMER-bbtmnbw2- : the landlord now is mountview, the landlord has changed hands a few times
Alex Watts :

Ok you need to ask and check

Alex Watts :

Can I clarify anything else for you?

Alex Watts :

If this answers your question could I invite you rate my answer before you leave today.

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JACUSTOMER-bbtmnbw2- : Do her or her family have any succession rights?
Alex Watts :

If there has been no previous succession and this is a regulated tenant (which it is) then yes you can

Alex Watts :

But you can only do this once.

Alex Watts :

If there is a joint tenancy and it is now single because a person has died, that counts as one succession

Alex Watts :

But you can succeed but only once.

Alex Watts :

Does that clarify?