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I am a director of a business and just been told that I

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Hi I am a director of a business and just been told that I have to now clock in and out every day, the reason being in case of an emergency situation? I just find this ludicrous.
Ben Jones :

Hello, my name is ***** ***** it is my pleasure to assist you with your question today. Are you an employee director or an executive director?

Customer: I am registered at companies house I believe I am a company director
Ben Jones :

Has there been an incident which has prompted this change?

Customer: Nothing only that they have decided that everyone comes through one door into the building and they decided (Managing Director and his Wife who is the other Director - there are only 3 Directors of the business), they state its for fire safety but we already have a register in place for health and safety and have done for years.
Customer: Also how will this work when home workers attend site surely if this is for fire every time they visit a clock card has to be raised for them.
Ben Jones :

Whilst health and safety is a priority and the company will have certain responsibilities in ensuring the health and safety of the people it employees and that it has on its premises, here are different ways of going about this. In an emergency, for example a fire, the company will need to know how many people are on the premises so that they can account for all persons and know if someone is missing. This is noting new - most companies do this wherever you go, there will be a register on reception or a similar system. The clocking in system is just another way of doing this. The company is free to use that method if they want to - how it works is up to them, I cannot comment on the effectiveness but the key is that it is not unlawful to introduce such a system. If a dispute arise as to how it will be used then it is for the affected people to try and resolve that with the company but legally you cannot use anything to refuse this or oppose it - if it is there to just register the persons on site then it is just anther method of doing so and the comany can choose to use it if they so wish

Customer: Thanks for your help.
Ben Jones :

you are welcome

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