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, My wife, my stepson and myself have been

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My wife, my stepson and myself have been harassed by email and text by her ex husband who has lived in Holland since around 2002. He is remarried and we tolerated contact for the sake of his son (now my stepson) until Matthew reached the age of 18. We then said it was his choice whether or not he continued with the tempestuous relationship he had with his farher. It has been on and off ever since. It is currently off.
His father has tried to blackmail me into eturning his emails by saying he had paid a private detective to ascertain the addresses of my 3 children, now in their 40's so he could send them details of an affair I had around 20 years ago. About a week later he emailed me to say he had not done this.
We just want him to stop contacting us. Can an injunction be applied to an expat?
When my wife divorced him she obtained a marriage annullment from the Catholic Church due to his threarening, abusive and violent behaviour.
Many thanks.
Dudley Thomas
Thank you for your question. My name is ***** ***** I will try to help with this.
The issue isn't that it can't be applied. The issue is that it is hard to enforce.
In principle she could get an injunction. She could seek one ex parte. The problem is that he lives abroad and realistically they are not going to seek a european arrest warrant for an offence of this nature.
The police probably wouldn't warn him either if he lives abroad as they will say it is outside of the jurisdiction. There is an argument to that effect but you could challenge that by saying that the contact is received in the UK and so covered.
She can always just block him from her phone or, if that is not possible because of her provider, then change her number. I realise that she might not want to do that but it is better than receiving vexatious contact.
Similarly with emails it is easy enough to send a person\s messages to your spam folder so that she won't see it.
On no account get involved in this. It is not your problem. It is her dispute for her to sort out. Do not place yourself at risk in any way.
Can I clarify anything for you?
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