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my husband was staying in hotel year not a great hotel

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my husband was staying in hotel for last year not a great hotel when we first when had serious safety code violations when we went the boys stayed for a year in this hotel which enabled the owner to do modifications to hotel a lot of money was paid to him myself and my three kids went over in end of july for two weeks only stayed one week as told him as we were going to manchester he kept pushing boys for more money all the time he said we have no rights as we are irish his figures don't add up any month two weeks ago he email my husband again giving abuse he went back on the sunday night s he usual does the owner was waiting for him and had disagreement he put him out on side of street at eleven o clock at night after travelling for for nine hours when me and do you think this is excepetable
Thank you for your question.
i can't understand your narrative.
-Could you explain your situation a little more?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
My husband went the night he put him out now he's looking for another 800 pound he said is owed when it's not
Who said its owed and on what basis?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

the owner said its owded from last july when me and kids visited we spent first week in holiday home only stayed with him few days he received money for holiday home which was meant to cover full stay the kids only took one room for three to four days which would no way be eight hundred pounds if he wants to be difficult now he put out men and is down awl money he was making on them

Thank you.His behaviour is not acceptable. He can't now say that he is owed money from last year. He can, however, decide who can stay on his hotel. Your husband would be better staying away and not giving him the business. Happy to answer any specific queries you have.
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