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I have a joint bank account with my husband and he's taken

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I have a joint bank account with my husband and he's taken it from me. I then found out
He has changed pin on account because I took his card and tried to access
Money and couldnt. I have an online account so took money from account online. Although this is an account I pay no money into all bills are transacted from this account and I take the housekeeping out once a week. My husband still has my card and through frustration I cut his up. How do I stand legally with a joint bank account and my husband has my card ?

A joint account allows you both access. This means he cannot stop you accessing it and you cannot stop him. The only way is to stipulate to the bank/building siciety involved that cheques must be signed by both parties or limited sum withdrawals by both of you.However this must be set down at the start because most couples use this method to pay the mortgage, bills etc..

It does mean though that if you go to your bank they should give you another card and pin. You can simply say you lost it.

I suspect it will involve a personal visit to the bank and some I.D.

I hope this helps, please reply if there are further points.

Best wishes


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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hasn't he broken the law by stealing my card from me?