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Good morning, I left my gas and electric supplier (Swalec),

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Good morning,
I left my gas and electric supplier (Swalec), I used top up system. I asked statements of my payments, but they said they can't send me any because I had top up system. I don't think it
is right. Can day hold back my payment history??? I want to see it because when I left them I had credit on my account. After they counting and they said I actually had to pay back. I did and then I started to use my top up system and they took money of me, it was automatically took from my top up and they said this is because I still have to psy back. After few month I got fed up and I said I want to pay the whole bill and I want statements of these transactions. They said they couldn't give me any and offer me to not pay. It was less then 30 pound anyway but it didn't change my mind. I want to know what I paid, that is why I need the statements. is it right that they can't send me any? It must be in the system, right?
Thank you
Hi Maria thank you for your question.
With this top up system the supplier does not provide a bill to their clients as it is essentially a "pay as you use" tariff.
But they should be able to send you a statement stating how much you have used and from this you should be able to calculate if they have overcharged you. This is the page for details of the charges used by this company -[1].pdf
They should also be able to provide you with details of payments received from your specific top up account number. Unfortunately if you haven't kept receipts from your payments it may be difficult for you to check if all the payments they have are correct.
I would suggest that you contact them again making a formal complaint about this and advising you require a statement of use and details of payments received on your account as you consider you have been overcharged. Here are the details for making a complaint -
If you are still not satisfied with this response then you should make a complaint to their regulator OFGEM -
I hope this assists. If there is anything else I can help with please ask.
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Hi Maria

Was there anything else I can help you with? If so, please ask.

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