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I moved into my new home eleven months ago and immediately

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I moved into my new home eleven months ago and immediately contacted British Gas (Electricity) Business to ask to be transferred to British Gas (Electric) Residential as I do not run a business. After eleven months British Gas have not been able to arrange this transfer and I am still getting huge bills for a business account I do not want and have never asked for. Despite well over thirty telephone calls and much sympathy from British Gas, they still have not managed what seems to me to be a simple transfer. Every person I have spoken to from British Gas has been very sympathetic, and they have even made some of the bills smaller by their goodwill. However, I am still getting business bills now mounting to over £700 pounds. I am 80 years old, a pensioner, and my home is semi detached with only two bedrooms and most of the heating is by gas anyway. Yet my monthly bills are over £200.)) I have recently been diagnosed with cancer and the worry of thi slack of transfer by British Gas is getting me down. Although they are sympathetic and want to make the gtransfer they seem incapable of doing this. Many thanks for your attention, Michael XXX

Alex Watts : Hello Michael my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.
Alex Watts : What is it you want to achieve, just a transfer?
JACUSTOMER-l0ates70- :

Yes. But if this remains impossible because British Gas Business and British Gas residential cannot carry out this simple task of transfer (they have failed for eleven months) then it might be best for all concerned to simply transfer to another energy company altogether - as long as B.Gas don't charge me for the total amounting as BUSINESS and ask for payments suited to residential customers at their goodwill.

JACUSTOMER-l0ates70- :

I'm finding this confusing as I'm not at all computerate. However, I can give you a phone and email address of a senior Customs Relations officer at British Gas who has been dealing with my case sympathetically. She is Yvonne greenhalgh-Brown. Tel: 0800(###) ###-#### ***** complaint reference is: ********** Reference account no. ********* Hope this is of help,

JACUSTOMER-l0ates70- :


Alex Watts : Have you written and made a formal complaint?
Alex Watts : Have you taken any action beyond a complaint please?
JACUSTOMER-l0ates70- :

Thank you but I have solved the issue myself this morning and I no longer require any support from you. Thanks for making a start and I'm sorry to have troubled you. I have already made acclaim for a refund

Alex Watts : Great, please don't trply as the system thinks you are stuck.
Alex Watts : i am pleased you have resolved it finally
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