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As a small building contractor. I recently completed a small

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As a small building contractor. I recently completed a small extension for a client. Who now is refusing to pay his account. Added to which he has written to me, to defend his non payment. Which I think I will try to resolve through the small claims system. The amount outstanding is 7706.80, not including any further costs. However of as much importance to me is my reputation. Our client has written to me in terms which are most distressing. Our client has called me a Liar, dishonest(several times),betrayed trust and that I thought he was an easy touch. Ending his rant by signing his letter I should have signed my previous letter A VERY DISHONEST Martin XXXXX. This client is now trying to pursue my small company for a spurious (in my and my workforces view )claim. For the amount of varying up to some 8000.00 to date. The claims being made can be resolved with any reasonable, person. My immediate need is the advice as to whether I have a claim as to defamation?. Kind Regards ***** *****

Ben Jones : Hello, my name is ***** ***** it is my pleasure to assist you with your question today. Who has he made the alleged defamatory comments to?
JACUSTOMER-7uo6nt9d- :

Our client who instructed us to do the work.

Ben Jones : Just to clarify, the client has made the defamatory comments but who did they make these comments to - just to yourself in correspondence with you?
JACUSTOMER-7uo6nt9d- :


Ben Jones : You are not able to take any action for defamation because a defamatory comment is only such if it is made sufficiently public which means it must be communicated to more than one person part from the claimant (that is you). So if these comments were only made to you then there is no defamation
JACUSTOMER-7uo6nt9d- :

If the letter has been seen by my some in my workforce and my secretary. Does this have any effect?

JACUSTOMER-7uo6nt9d- :

Also what if the client does not do his own typing?

JACUSTOMER-7uo6nt9d- :

Or has shown the letter to others?

Ben Jones : Showing it just a few people when your reputation is not affected is not going to be enough to qualify. Also have you considered the costs Of a defamation action? They are usually in the region of £15-20k
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