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trespassingJust before I was supposed to leave my house 2

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trespassing Just before I was supposed to leave my house 2 men arrived in 2 separate cars. They stated they were here for a survey arranged by a neighbour "A" who has a boundary dispute with me. I agreed to show them the area in dispute but mentioned that they ought to come back again as I have to leave, they can have a brief look at the area. My CCTV footage shows these 2 men wandering all over my grounds and being approached by a neighbour "B" who has made malicious complaints about me to the police. I see the neighbour "B" and these 2 men crossing over onto my land back and forth  and walking all over for next 30 minutes. They spend only 10 minutes looking at what they said they wanted to check and spend 30 minutes towards the neighbour who is not allowed to approach us. I am very alarmed by this . I fear police will take no action and state this is trespass hence civil courts. The neighbour in question has trespassed onto my land several times in the past and the video shows he is doing the same again when I am not at home. I also note these 2 men checking parts of my garden which they haven't been allowed them  to check-garden is just under 2 acres in size so they are wandering far away from what they said they wanted to check. What action can I commence against them and the neighbour and these 2 survey guys why are they wandering all over my land in my absence (I also feel concerned that they might be plotting against me and make further false complaints to police . I have carried out my survey and know where the boundary is)

Thank you for your question. My name is ***** ***** I will try to help with this.
How can I help with this please?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I would like to ensure that people do not trespass on my land and my house in my absence . I have informed the police twice about these incidents . I feel I am wasting my own time as they are unable to much. I now have CCTV footage of people walking in my grounds in particular a neighbour who has been asked not to approach us. We feel intimidated that they are able to do what they please and a little helpless as we are not sure what can be done. I am prepared to take legal action but my knowledge on this subject doesn't extend beyond this.

If it just that they are on your property then that would normally be a trespass which is not a criminal offence although don't you have a police warning against the neighbour? If so, then sending people to your property would amount to a breach.
In any event though, you can always seek a civil injunction against him to restrict his movements and that of his agents. He shouldn't be sending people onto your property without permission.
You will have to show that they were sent by him though.
Can I clarify anything for you?
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have written to the police to clarify what kind of warning if any was given following my last complaint. Thank you for your answer . It was very odd that whilst I was supposed to be away from home these unknown people turn up unannounced and are seen wandering around . . I will educate myself on obtaining civil injunction. thank you