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I cancelled my contract with Vodafone in February and I received

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I cancelled my contract with Vodafone in February and I received a bill for £2.86 that I paid. I didn't think this was the correct amount so I contacted Vodafone via online chat. I asked 3 times if I owed Vodafone if that was the final bill. I was told yes so I asked again if I owed Vodafone anything, I was told no again, I then said my account balance is £0.00 I was told yes that's correct.
I've now recived a bill for £92.95 they said that it must be paid and I was told incorrect information. Do I legally have to pay this bill after I was told 3 times I had nothing more to pay?
I've got a copy of the conversation where I was told I had nothing left to pay.
Thank you for your question. My name is ***** ***** I will try to help with this.
It depends really. The fact that you may have been given incorrect information doesn't necesarily mean you don't have to pay. There are some exceptions to that. For instance, if you were negotiating a contract at the outset or if this were a full and final settlement agreement. If it is just that you gave notice as you were entitled to do under the contract and you were asked for an incorrect amount then that doesn't mean you can escape pay,net if they went to court.
In any event, they may try arguing that it wasn't incorrect but that it just hadn't been added to the account at that time. Large companies often do that.
However, they will not sue. What they will do is add a default to your account. It is not worth the manpower of suing. Whether you can about the default depends on your existing credit rating and also whether you need credit in the next six years. It is generally to be avoided where possible though.
Sorry if that is bad nes
Can I clarify anything for you?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Sorry I clicked on the wrong face but it won't let me change it!
So they can still ask for nearly £93 a month after they told me the account was clear 3 times?
No problem. It is easy to do that.
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Were you locked into a contract with them?
Were you entitled to cancel?