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I need an advice regarding a bailiff. The original offence

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I need an advice regarding a bailiff. The original offence was a parking ticket for forgetting to display the cars purple badge (live in RBKC, London). The bail if company is Newlyn. They contacted me by text on my mobile. I explained that I am an unpaid carer to my adult daughter who has cerebral palsy and a mild learning disability. My only income is income support + incapacity for myself.
I spoke to one of them last week and he asked me to go to town hall which I just did. But yesterday I had a different person from them and he was ruthless. He wants £ 170.00 by Friday +the same amount the following 2 weeks. Otherwise he will come and remove my goods even if I am not home. Even if my disabled and vulnerable daughter is home without me. I understand I made a mistake. I am though n honest person.
Alex Watts :

Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help with this.

Alex Watts :

Was the original fine from the Council or private parking company please?

JACUSTOMER-9f4lhxrz- :

From the council

Alex Watts :

Did you get the notice to owner document?

JACUSTOMER-9f4lhxrz- :

Should I stay online?

JACUSTOMER-9f4lhxrz- :

Have you gotten my reply?

Alex Watts :

No I didnt.

Alex Watts :

You can come and go on and offline as you please.

JACUSTOMER-9f4lhxrz- :

I am sorry to interrupt but I haven't seen any post from you. I just would like reassurance that this is working.

Alex Watts :

Yes I am here.

Alex Watts :

I did not see your reply.

Alex Watts :

Did you get the Notice to Owner document?

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Did you get the Notice to Owner document?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

My apology as I had to leave and just got home. To answer your question:

- no, I do not have a notice to owner document. Nor did I get a letter from Newlyn, the bailif company.

When did you first become aware of the penalty, was it when the bailiffs turned up?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

When I received a text message on my mobile a week ago. I contacted them on the mobile number they had posted, explained my situation and was told to go to my town hall. I wasn't able to do this until yesterday.

I got a message again yesterday and the mobile number was different but the same company. I called and this time the person on the phone wasn't helpful at all. I asked to get the info @ the company so I could write to their office but he wouldn't give me anything. This is when he threatened to go to my place even in my absence, even if my vulnerable daughter is home without me, to seize our goods.

Ok - then what you can do is make a statutory declaration. This is where you swear before a Court you didnt know about the debt. Then the whole thing goes back as if you had a ticket.
Then you can appeal and take it to an Adjudicator. But you can only do this if you knew nothing about the debt.
Can I clarify anything for you about this today please?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I didn't know until I received the text message @ a good week ago. But all they gave was a mobile number and a ref number.

Which court do I go to?

And thank you so much for your help.

You can go to your local county court.