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My ex fiance and I both ran a facebook page together. the

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My ex fiance and I both ran a facebook page together. the page was doing very well and we were sharing revenue through adsense. When we split up the first thing she did was to remove me from the Admin page. I have since lost all residue income. Facebook doesn't get involved with this kind of issues. I was wondering what my options are in the court of law. I can prove joint ownership through emails correspondence and staff expenses I was paying for to update the page. Although she was the one that did the actual registration of the account. She did it on a brand I owned before I met her and after we went into partnership.
Thank you for your question and welcome.
My name is ***** ***** I will assist you.
Did you have a partnership agreement? How much have you lost to date?
Kind regards
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have written text like this -

I really do not want to go on & on, I just want to clear the air on a lot of things and remind you who’s the THIEF & GREED here….YOU!!! You want 100% of what you didn’t work for. The domain will still be there if I didn’t offer to use it, the jobs you possibly booked through the page, the adsense, all this would have probably not happened. And to be honest, I’m truly grateful for the opportunity, I love blogging! The money you spent doing advert was for The ATUNBI Experience on the Page, not the page directly, you promoted your own work and never really cared about the blog, I cared about it, I worked hard & long on it without complaining, so do NOT say I STEAL from you or I’m GREEDY!
It’s SAD it has to end like this…. Just for the RECORDS, either you agree or not, I won 50% of the page, and You still own 50% of the page, I have put you as Admin again and really hope we get past this & make the most of the page. You can keep your domains, promote your photog business etc and I’ll continue doing what I love.
I did not STEAL from you, I worked HARD for it, and I deserve my 50% even if you don’t think so! I’m not GREEDY in wanting all my content, I wrote it, just like you can take your domains away, same way I can take my content. I wish you all the best & good fortunes too!
Get fiverr to sort it for you.
You have a week....

I do have more but didn't want to bore you too much, no written partnershiop agreement, but loads of reference through correspondence where she claimed we both own the page. the content she claim was hers was co written by me/my full time staff Bunmi. I have numerous mentions in writing where she cliamed we both own the page but I claim, the page is mine. At this point I just want an equal share as all traffic is driven from the page. It has over a million fans.

Thank you.
So feasibly do you want her to carry on in the partnership or do you want her to buy you out?
Is there a price that you would accept for your steak?
Kind regards
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I would rather continue in the partnership. It doesn't require us to be friends or anything. Only need access to be able to post and promote my business.

I would want in excess of 100,000 pounds, which I know she can not afford. The page generates between 1 - 7k a month.

Really would like to know what my chances are in court and thats why i sent you some of our correspondence.

I can prove I spent money on the site. I can prove it was a partnership, and I can prove profit was shared, and how it all fell apart after the split. Although there was no written agreement, i have email exchanges where she admits it was a partnership. All I want is my administrative access to the page, I spent money and time on, and that I helped develop.

You may not know, but you have given me good advice in the past on other issues. Please AJ I really need the Odds, don't want to waste my time and money in court.

Please advise what I would need to prove to the court that I should be reinstated, and how can she fight back. Would would likely be her defense. i would really appreciate this as I want to move forward on this matter.

If I do decide to take her to court can I have someone represent me there, as I am often out of the country? Would also like to know if this would be a small claims court or some other court service, any ideas of court fees and a link where I can read more on the matter will be gladly appreciated.


Thank you.
Ultimately this is a Partnership and as the partnership has broken down, under the Partnership Act 1890, the assets should be dissolved and distributed - unless you get her to agree to either buy you out or carry on working with you.
Ultimately you have a claim on the assets so you do have a strong claim in court either against the assets or for money. This wont be dealt with in the small claims court it will be a high court claim. You wouldnt necessarily need to attend a hearing but you would at least need a solicitor in this country. The court fee for a claim on over £100k is 5% of the claim plus the solicitors costs I would budget at least £20k.
If you need to find a solicitor the best thing you can do is contact the Law Society -
I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards
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