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My employer has had to concede (after evidence raised in my

Customer Question

My employer has had to concede (after evidence raised in my Formal Grievance) that there was no Statutory Teacher Appraisal Statement( September 2012) in place for me, despite saying there was, when they made the decision to put me in to 'early capability.' This has not changed their decision!I am going to appeal.The Head altered lesson observation grades to my detriment. I had no targets or agreed and negotiated objectives to judge my performance against.(Every other teacher had theirs in place). There are many other false statements that have been created by the Head in their attempt to support their decision that I can prove. There has been a complete breach of trust which has made it impossible for me to return to work.I would welcome your advice, in particular regarding the Statutory legislation not being followed.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Ben Jones replied 2 years ago.
Ben Jones :

Hello, my name is ***** ***** it is my pleasure to assist you with your question today.

Ben Jones :

what statutory legislation re you referring to please?

Ben Jones :

Hello, not sure if you saw my initial query above - what statutory legislation re you referring to please?