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/Madam, I have been living next door to my neighbours

Customer Question

Dear Sir/Madam,
I have been living next door to my neighbours for about 9 years.We are on friendly terms with all our neighbours and they with us, however, we do not frequent each others homes.
My concerns with my neighbours immediately next door is complex and difficult to explain.
Approximately after 18 months of moving in ( which coincided in her giving birth) her personality underwent a dramatic change. She became fretful and anxious. She would confide in me about conflict with her family. Then according to her, she overheard me speaking about her situation with one of my family members who lives abroad over her baby monitor whilst I was on the telephone. Relationship became uneasy afterwards.
She is English and has accused another neighbour and myself of pushing her away. I am Caribbean and my neighbour is African. My African neighbour are marginally friendlier as I knew her prior to moving next door and we have children who are closer in age.
She has expressed concerns and mistrust about the authorities removing her baby.
For many years we rubbed along in an uneasy but polite existence. I remained watchful as I found her behaviour and mood erratic and unpredictable. Privately my husband and I expressed concern that she was displaying signs of depression.
Last year a friend came to visit and recounted a story of having a 'run in' with her at the school gates( their children attend the same school). The accusation of allowing her son to urinate against the school fence in full view of everyone. To move the conversation along I flippantly said to my friend 'she is not quite right' and not to worry about it.
More recently my neighbour slipped a note through my door to ask about an old oak cabinet that I had left in the front garden . I could not respond as I was dealing with a friend who was terminally ill.
She, unaware of this, refused to answer my good mornings afterwards. She has been abusive to my visitors who mistakenly put an empty crisp packet in her recycling bin even after an apology. She is watchful of us when we sit outside in the garden.Yesterday her puppy came into our garden. The dog became aggressive to us so she sent her 9 year old to retrieve it.
I calmly pointed out the irony of her son running about in the garden when we do not speak and about finding was of resolution and concerns about leaving my three year old to play in the garden.
She became loud and abusive and threatened to report me to my landlady ( private rented), accused me of reporting her to social services and my other neighbour( a social worker by profession) assessing her and letting my friend report her mental health status ( of which I unaware )am to the headmaster at her son's school. And threatened to report me to the nursing governing body as I am a nurse by profession.
My twelve year old daughter became distressed and shouted at her to stop.
After her tirade I must admit I accused her of being racist( based on her views expressed of another ethnic minority group at her past job, who she accused of blocking her profession progress in Mental Health Nursing).
We have an amicable relationship with her husband which has remained unchanged.
She has had a run in with a neighbour on the other side who happens to be Jamaican and Jewish. They had to involve lawyers. I cannot remember the full details.
Please help my job as a Breast Cancer Nurse is stressful my rent is reasonable and live in a nice corner of North London with some of the best neighbours who look out for us so I don't want to move yet but I need peace at home.
Yours sincerely,
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Ash replied 2 years ago.
Alex Watts :

Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this Lisa.

Alex Watts :

Has anything been reported to the Police?