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Kasare, Solicitor
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I was a victim of a Club Class Holiday Club Scam.I have now

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I was a victim of a Club Class Holiday Club Scam.I have now received a phone call from somebody saying I can get my money back if I send them £630 00 .So the Spanish Court can release the money to my bank account.It all seems very plausible and lt sounds as though this is coming through the Spanish legal system.But there are somethings that dont quite add up.(Like spelling mistakes and different Ref Numbers)to the original ones that they sent me in the first place.I dont know of any solicitors who are familiar with Spanish Law.And because I dont speak Spanish I'm therefore not familiar with some of the words they are useing.Like Agencia Tributaria and Ministeria de Hacienda. Can you advise me as to who I can contact to help on this matter.
Thank you.
Hi thank you for your query, I will assist you with this.
I am not a Spanish lawyer, but I do live in Spain/speak Spanish/have knowledge of some of the systems. If you would like me to try and assist, please confirm:
1. What is the name of the company that has contacted you? have they suggested they are spanish lawyers?
2. How did they get your details?
3. How much did you lose?
4. Any other information that you have.
I will review and advise you, but there are a lot of companies who are contacting individuals holding themselves out as something they are not and suggesting they need money for "translation fees".
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The people that contacted me are Notaria Malaga

I was told from a database that was confiscated by the Spanish police when they closed Club Class down.

£3ooo pounds

The money is supposed to be paid into Bank Inta their Address is Avenida Espana. No7O URB.CALAHONDA. 29647

The £630 pounds is supposed to fully refundable when the Spanish authorities are sure we have no tax liabilities or criminal fines outstanding.

The person this money is supposed to be paid to is Paul Norton at the bank already mentioned.I also so have a ref No ES 27012807128079939016007401. There is also a Swift No. BK BK ESMM

Hi Charles,
Could you confirm the exact name and contact details for this company? Is there a company number - it may say "SL"?
Also, how did you pay the £3000?
Have they said what the £630 is for?
Do you have the correct full name of the Club Class company who sold you the time share?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The Name on the E Mail I received was Notaria Malaga.The persons name i spoke to was Paul Ryan.The telephone number he left me was ********** I dont know if this is an English number or Spanish number.I have another subject No. Fw:Club Class CS2504 4169.

I have not paid them any money yet.I'm trying to establish if this is genuine offer or is it another scam.

The £630.00 pounds is to cover any tax liabilities I may have in Spain.If I don't then the money should be refunded to me in full.In addition to the £3000.oo. I have to get a Modello 214 Tax declaration when I send the money.I'm sorry I cant remember which one fo the club class companies we bought.They were based in Calahonda.It was not Timeshare it was Club Class Holiday Club. The only other thing I have on this form they sent me is a coat of arms saying Ministerio De Economia Administracion Malaga-Este.Codigo.29601 Calle Puerto 9-12,29016

Hi Charles,
Sorry I believe the Club Class holiday was similar to timeshare, i.e. you get a holiday in a certain resort at a proposed time etc, hence my reference to "timeshare".
Unfortunately the telephone number has been blanked out so I can't tell you about that.
However, having done a little research on this, I am afraid I believe this to be a scam.
I would imagine the number you have been given is a spanish mobile telephone number (spanish land line numbers start with the number 9). There are a number of sites which go into detail about this activity.
I can advise you that under Spanish law it is illegal for a lawyer or notary firm to cold call - via telephone, email or writing - a potential client, therefore this tells me they are not legitimate.
Also, I can tell you the tax form 214 no longer exists. It was a form for non residents spanish property tax and in fact it is now Modelo 210 not 214!
They are intimating that they are a company "Notaria Malaga" but this is in fact just a name for the collective "Notary's of Malaga"! Then despite this they are asking you to pay funds not into a business account but into an account in a private (and suprisingly very English) individual's name.
I would suggest you read this link below:
This confirms "there is no such thing as a Notary office appointed by the court or calling victims of frauds because there has been money awarded through court cases and this money needs to be paid out".
Therefore to summarise, I would not recommend you pay this company a penny! It is highly likely to be a scam!
Finally, the reason I asked how you paid for the holiday club scheme is that if you paid by credit card, you could seek reimbursement of your losses through them by virtue of section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974!
If you need more information on this, please ask.
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