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I am renting my council flat and London Borough of Hammersmith

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I am renting my council flat and London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham have asked me to serve notice of sublet. I'm assuming that I don't need a solicitor to prepare this, as I have been asked to provide a cheque for £30 to register the notice. Many thanks.
Alex Watts : Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you



Hello- I can't see a reply so will log on again tomorrow. Grateful if you can post reply in full. Many thanks Yvonne

Alex Watts :

Sorry I asked whether or not you own the flat, or rent it yourself please?


Hi Alex, I own the flat.

Alex Watts :

Is the Council the main Landlord?


Yes- it is.


this is the advice from the legal services page of the council. It sounds like I can do the notice myself?


sorry - it won't let me cut and paste. will try again.


Legal requirements from leaseholders wishing to sublet

It is a legal requirement under the terms of your lease to serve a notice of underletting if you wish to sublet your property. Failure to serve notice is a breach of the lease and could lead to your building insurance being invalidated, resulting in legal action against you by the Council for any damage caused by your tenants, and may also lead to forfeiture proceedings.

1. Notice of sublet must be served to:

Legal Services

The Town Hall

Hornton Street


W8 7NX

2. Copy of the tenancy agreement must be attached which must include;

 Full names of all tenants

 Commencement date and term of tenancy.

 Contact details of Managing Agents including telephone number if using this service

 If demands are to be sent to agents, please indicate whether they are responsible for payment of the invoices

 Contact address of the lessee including a telephone number

 Address where Service Charge demands are to be sent

 A registration fee of £30 payable to ‘LBH&F’

Each time tenants change, a new notice must be served. Changes to correspondence details of a leaseholder only, do not require a new notice to be served, but must be notified in writing to Legal Services.

 A Transfer of Mortgage/Assignment, the charge is £30 including VAT

 A Notice of Charge - £30 including VAT

 The DX number for the Legal Department is: DX84015 Kensington High Street 2.

Subletting your property - further Information

New regulation - Immigration bill: part 3 - landlord immigration checks

Private renting - your rights and responsibilities -

London Rental Standard -

Alex Watts :

Ok then £30 is quite reasonable.

Alex Watts :

You wont need a Solicitor as this is just a standard notice.


Great - thankyou for confirming.

Alex Watts :

So £30 is ok

Alex Watts :

Can I clarify anything else for you?


no, that was it, thankyou.

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