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Alice H
Alice H, Solicitor/Partner
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I have a county court judgement

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I have a county court judgement to serve on a company with a PO Box No in Milton Keyes. Who do I get to serve it for me please. Willma XX

Alice H : My name is ***** ***** I'm happy to help with your question today.
Alice H : Was the judgment from an English Court or a Scottish one?
JACUSTOMER-9jtnimz3- :

This judgement is from MCOL

Alice H : Thanks. Is this a limited company? Do you know the registered address?
JACUSTOMER-9jtnimz3- :

Apparently it is not a limited company, it's not registered with Companies House. When you phone you are re-directed to the USA.

JACUSTOMER-9jtnimz3- :

The registered address is Nutra Green Coffee, PO Box 7574, Milton Keynes, MK11 9Gq

Alice H : OK understood. Under the Civil Procedure Rules - specifically Rule 6 which deals with service - the document is deemed served once the document is sent by first class post. There is no need to serve it in person - by sending the document by first class post to the PO Box will be sufficient.
Alice H : According to their website they have an address in Glamorgan.
JACUSTOMER-9jtnimz3- :

Thank you for that answer. As a point of interest MCOL were less than helpful and refused to assist me. Is it the same Company? I found that one out earlier on this year. I will pursue the claim with Milton Keynes as the original judgement was served to PO Box 7534, and returned stating "Wrong Building".

Alice H : Looks like a company that has a dubious record with Companies House plus looking at web reports they appear to have received many negative reviews which suggests they might be difficult to pin down.
Alice H : Is the defendants name NUTRA COFEE or BEYOND NUTRA?
Alice H : Beyond Nutra seems to be the parent company of Nutra Coffee.
JACUSTOMER-9jtnimz3- :

You have it in one. They are out there but the company operates a dubious policy The company name is*****

Alice H : This company has moved around various addresses in Wales and appears to have been subject to a BBC investigation. How much have you claimed?
JACUSTOMER-9jtnimz3- :

£403.60 so far, with another Special delivery this week for £^.40 plus your fee of £38.

Alice H : How is payment being made?
JACUSTOMER-9jtnimz3- :

Who's payment?

Alice H : Sorry - how are you paying Nutra Green Coffee?
JACUSTOMER-9jtnimz3- :

I'm not paying them any more. they use the same method as yourselves, they ask for your card details and fail to tell you that they will then take £174 (in my case) out of my bank every month till you twig on that it's a scam!

Alice H : OK so you have stopped that payment method?
Alice H : Was it by credit card or debit card?
JACUSTOMER-9jtnimz3- :

Yes, I stopped it last year, but not until they had removed the £174 from my account and refused to give it back. Debit Card.

Alice H : OK understood. It's a shame it wasn't your credit card in which case you would have a claim against the credit card company for a full refund.
Alice H : On the subject of service of your judgment - you have two choices really: re-send to the PO Box address or the address in Glamorgan as I mentioned or, a more expensive method, is to find an enquiry agent in Wales to go to the address in person with judgment in hand and leave it at their reception.
JACUSTOMER-9jtnimz3- :

Aye, conned by them. Failure to read the Terms & Conditions, which hundreds of people also fell for. unfortunately the judgement is sealed by MCOL with Milton Keynes, this would entail me having to re-apply to MCOL and costing me another £60 to have the address altered.

Alice H : Yes I can see from the reports that a many number of people have fallen for the scam. You really have to decide whether throwing more good money after bad is a worthwhile exercise. It's a matter for you but reading between the lines it doesn't look like the kind of company that you are likely to recover any money from in the long run. I'm sorry but that's the impression I get from the Internet reviews.
JACUSTOMER-9jtnimz3- :

I agree, and that's why this is last chance sloon.

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