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I was going to join the utility warehouse services

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I was going to join the utility warehouse for all services e.g.broadband, gas, electricity, until I got the equipment for the change over of Broadband services which they did not deliver as stated. So I lost my broadband services with John -Lewis my Electricity with British Gas which included drains all household aspects. I was feeling very harassed to sign up as a person who sells these services, and with the poor services with my broadband change over I cancelled the contract. This is now over two months ago. I have a messed up my service with my broadband services and all utility services. I cannot send emails only sometimes. I cancelled my direct debit with the Utility Warehouse as I felt very harassed and sent all their equipment back in the post office in a plastic bag. The legal Credit Controller has just written to me on the 1st of April to say he used my credit card to access my account to take a payment for March services of £132.07 on my outstanding account without my permission.
I have cancelled all these services and returned to ***** ***** broadband and returned to British Gas and still the Utility Warehouse is pushing and holding onto my services and charging me. As a consumer I have a right to cancel and this is what I did but they are bullying me and distressing me, I am almost 70 years old, and horrified they can access my credit account. I told them to send me a bill and said I would pay by cheque. Can you advise which Financial conduct ombudsman should I complain to. I just want to get these people of my back. Do you charge me for this information.
Thank you for your question. My name is ***** ***** I will try to help with this.
Are you free to cancel the contract? Normally you are locked in for 12 months.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I don't know about the contract I can't recall seeing it. It was all about training and I did not want to do it and I did not engage all I did was agree to join the services but it was as I said very poor they did not deliver.

Yes, that might be right but it depends what you have agreed to.
Normally they tie you in for one year.
You will need to ascertain whether you had any rights of cancellation. You can do that by calling them although probably they won't have anybody who can help there until tomorrow.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I am sorry I think you are wrong it cannot be a contract for a year as lots of people I was told do it as they choose. Its a part time role and I did not start the role its part time I just didn't want to do it as I felt uncomfortable having to travel all over London for the training, and I did not like the pressure. My complaint is that this finance man took money form my credit card without my permission he's put this in writing to me he did this when I said he was to send me a bill so I would pay. He did not do that he just took money from my credit card account. I want to know how they can hold on so long to my services which they were to transfer and keep charging me and not billing me.

They do sometimes and they quite often pay cancellation fees.
Usually utilities providers lock people in for one year with introductory offers. If that is what has happened then you are very definitely liable.
Obviously I will have no way of knowing what you agreed to with them. You will need to ask them and then that will form the basis of your options.
The training is nothing to do with what you have agreed to. The training relates to network marketing which is not the basis of the contract. The contract is for provision of services and you seem to accept that you agreed to that.
If the billing was for training materials then that would be different but obviously I won't have any way of knowing that unless you ascertain it.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Sorry I really think you are wrong the utility Warehouse is for part-time people and I had no information that you sign for a year or that you had to continue if you choose not to. My complaint is that money was taken from my credit card to pay for the services without my permission, how the credit controller can do that I don't know. I wrote to them and send all the equipment back, by post in a big plastic bag within days I only had it a day or so and it didn't work. I said they needed to send me bills for the services they provided and I would pay it. What right does someone have to access my credit card without my permission, I had not refused to pay them.

Ok. Good luck.
Sorry, that was meant for another customer.
I am not sure what I can add to this.
Everything depends on what you have agreed and only you can ascertain that from the company. I will have no way of accessing that information.
On the facts above though, I am very definitely not wrong.