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i crushed my car into traffic lights and caused damage. car

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i crushed my car into traffic lights and caused damage. car was not insured at that time so the council sent me a bill for damages. I contacted them and advised (also in writing) that my case is still in court and will make a contact with them after the case has been closed. i have remained in contact with them and started a negotiation regarding the final amount claimed as believed it to be overestimated. once found guilty i called the council however in the meantime the they forwarded the case to Motor Insurance Bureau and their solicitors are now chasing payment. My question is, is MIB working legally in my case as it supposed to be a last resort option and i was willing to settle the case at all times but was mislead by the council? Other question is am i in a position now to discuss the amount of a claim against me as i believe it to be very high?
Thank you for your question.
A victim of an uninsured driver is entitled to ask the MIB to deal with their claim. However, the MIB has to be sure that the claim is properly quantified and they don't just settle on a blank cheque basis.
You are entitled to question the amount paid out by the MIB if you seek to establish that the council's claim was too high.
Happy to discuss further.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.


how would you suggest i go about that? I have photos taken by the council directly after the accident showing that not all the component of the traffic lights were damaged however i'm being charged for their replacement.

Other question is, if i'm to pay for new traffic lights my understanding is the old, damaged lights became my property?


You would have to get a report from someone skilled in traffic lights, presumably a contractor as to whether a repair would have been possible.
The salvage issue you raise only applies where there is a contract, such as an insurance policy, so no the old lights don't automatically become your property.