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Are child social services allowed to get you to sign a

Customer Question

Are child social services allowed to get you to sign a section 20 or the hospital won't discharge your child. Are they allowed to ask childs grandparents to submit a residential order or they will put the child very sick with leukemia with a stranger they state may not look after him properly, even though the grandparents know the parents are good parents.

Are child services allowed to do a 3rd assessment under a week of a previous assessment that proved parents were good parents? Are they allowed to just vote and place a child on to the protection register without evidence of anything negative happening, this also applies to all of the above-no evidence.

And finally our sons been out of our care now for 3 years due to the above, they have discriminated against me as i have a disability and the parents assessment was them stating their derogatory and offensive opinions regarding my disability and how my disability, which they don't know about, allegedly affects my parenting even though my husband and carer is able bodied? Are they also allowed to include false or negative records from medical documents, and all/any documents including mental health yet not submit any of the positive documents, regarding my experience with childcare, learning disabled and first aid, as well as a charity i founded and run?


Who can I go to to help with this case, do i need a solicitor in family law AND disability rights? Or just one because we had a solicitor that got legal aid and didnt defend us, yet defended social services as she had worked for them and council previously and were friends and abandoned us mid case stating we dismissed her which is false.

We have nowhere to turn and I am desperate for any help,  just hoping the important questions are asked.

We couldnt get a solicitor to defend us for the residential order as the solicitor abandoned us and legal aid stated that we have to wait 6months before we can get solicitor again. My son is regressing because we rarely see him (he is ill/we are ill/isolation dr's orders for chils.) even though he lives with my parents 3 doors down, the stress has made my joint disability flare up so my poor mobility has left me in bed most days.

I can attend to my son, did change nappies, pick him up, i just cannot stand or walk without help. And i need to pace myself i have hypermobility syndrome which was diagnosed after i had symphysis Pubis Dysfunction as my Dr ignored my diagnosis by a professional Physio therapist, leading to our 1st child services investigation.

The head sister on my sons ward reported me twice to social services the last 2 times as i refused to leave when she saw i had a wheelchair, as the Dr said i could stay, and we met her briefly once-she reported us after 3 days!?

They have also ignored all the medical negligence i brought to their attention to save the life of my son, they were sending him home with a punctured portocath and fluid behind causing septicemia, that social claimed was in fact a bowel rupture- which never happened, due to the head sister not informing us correctly and we gave our son an infant suppository for 3 seconds as we were relieved he moved his bowels, we never rang the hospital about it as we went off the nurses advice, our son was 2.5years old.

Nurse said we should use laxitives if constipation occured but didnt provide any, we got ours from pharmacy. We had appointment next morning with Dr and i explained everything, from there the 3rd investigation occured and i was abused by social services lady who wrote a false report and police woman who had been contacted by my adult services worker because head sister got clicsargeant worker to contact child services alledging ruptured bowels due to adult suppository,

we gave them evidence that it was infant suppository and he had septicaemia due to punctured portocath and port operation.

There has never been any evidence of harm as he was with both or one of us 24/7,

he hadn't even fallen over in our care, parents scold their kids in bath and they get to keep their kids.

I really don't know what to do or if i can live much longer without my son who's going on 6 and losing hair again due to chemo and all he wants is his mammy and daddy? We werent investigated WITH him this 3rd time and social serv lady told me she would keep him away from me until he is 18 after i signed section 20. PLEASE please help me?!?!?!? Please!


Just added - sorry - all relevant. I appreciate any help!!!

Wasn't residential sorry it was:SPECIAL GUARDIANSHIP ORDER

My parents solicitor briefly said to us dont worry and that we can apply for our son after a year (novemver 2014) but the judge and social lady told her off claiming she should never have said that.

**When could we apply for our son back and how?

The judge was only supplied with the opinionated abuse and negative records, yet i couldnt discuss anything with him, we were in for one second, and i had to agree to the guardianship, which we did because we were scared as to where our son would be placed because they are abusive to me and grandparents at times, they also wont ever speak with me and only contact grandparents, yet still nothing is in writing.

How do i get the reason he is not with us in writing from them?

Were thay allowed to force me up a step on my mobility scooter instead of infroming me or allowing me to use disabled ramped access, as I hurt myself, Scooter got stuck, husband had to push it after lifting it up. I was so hurt with my pelvis, as i had to stamp my left leg down so i did not fall, i was stuck in pain, in bed approx 2 weeks.

Asymmetrical positions cause pain and flare ups with pelvis.

We were never given any goals to meet and their reasons for removing our son kept changing, everytime we proved their reason wrong they changed the reasons, always verbally.

They ignored and refused to include my disability assessment by adult social workers that stated my disability does not affect my parenting in any way.

They still won't give me reasons in writing, so how can I get them to give me this in writing, so we actually have something to challenge? Because we are capable and good parents and read lots of books, do token economy, time outs, never shout, always taught child music sessions, languages etc which he can't do now as grandparents dont have any education or training/experience with childcare and child psychology, nor can they play an instrument or read music. So he is missing out on all these things that can give him an advantage, he's seen 2 psychiatrists both say he is at the stage of the class above him and he is happy and well and no signs of any negative actions or affects,

so why can't this help us prove our case?

Note* Sister should have specified only oral laxitives are allowed, even though our son was completely unharmed.

We took sisters advice at the time and we didnt ring because i doubt anyone would ring and tell the hospital their son was constipated but has now moved his bowels, especially when the line needs to stay open for child cancer emergencies.

We didn't ring either because at the time we were unaware we had done anything that we were not supposed to.

Yet social services are using the reason we did not call as medical neglect on our part. We followed all advice, I even got a book from mcmillans on it and read all of the info 3-4 times.

Dr also said i allegedly have no remorse because i failed to cry lots in the 5 mins he explained things to us (approx 6th time we were told he had cancer), as i had been crying all night, and my son was playing and i didnt want him to think anything was wrong and i did sob at the end.

I also cried in the bathroom lots of times, and social services are using me using my phone when they were there looking at our son even though i was seeking solicitor help FOR our son!

Are these reasonable reasons to remove a child from their parents home against the parents AND the grandparents wishes, as my parents know we are good and capable and 2 previous investigations proved we are, they actually investigated those times though and sat and watched us care for our son, this last time they never have.

They spent 2 minutes in my parents home watching us with our son all 3 sat on the floor. And social worker shouted at me with our son in the room because I knew a certain document had nothing to do with anything from 2007 upwards. And i asked her not to access it, she still tried to.

Are they supposed to investigate?

Social stated to grandparents that i am alledgely 'not as disabled as i think i am' problem is , i AM disabled and I recently found out, I have Severe Anemia! But no one would ever benefit from pretending to be disabled as I actually am and this again is discrimination as my disability is an INVISIBLE condition they assume I can do things i cannot.

Are they allowed to remove a child based on their assumptions and opinions, what can i do with the evidence i have that has not been submitted as judge would not look at it.

Sorry this is long. Thank you for help.

Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Clare replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your question.
My name is Clare
I will do my best to help you but I need some further information first.
There is a lot of information there, so may i ask for some specifics just for now.
When was the Special Guardianship Order made
What contact do you and your partner have with the child
Are you on reasonable terms with your parents?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.


Sorry I have been unwell.

The order was made approx a year ago ending in november 2015.

we see our son as often as possible as my parents reside near.

We are on good terms with my parents, however sometimes social manipulate them with threats to get what they want, and it can be hard to tell my parents that we need to stick together, like at the beginning, i refused to sign the section 20 in the hospital, and i felt i was ganged up on by my parents and social, as my parents were scared they'd remove our son but he had come to no harm at any point in his life.

It becomes difficult for me and my husband to fight both of them, especially when my parents believe and always believed our miracle baby we used fertility to create as i cannot/couldnt have children, that he should be with us.

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

The order was therefore made December 2013 sorry.

Expert:  Clare replied 2 years ago.
Again just to check - were there ever actually care proceedings?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Please can you explain what a care proceeding is and I will be able to let you know if we had one or not.

Your help is greatly appreciated!

Thank you.

Also our son keeps telling us he REALLY wants to live with us.

It breaks our hearts.

Verbally they made up allsorts of 'reasons' they felt he should be not allowed to live with us, including but not limited to:

The following are opinions and allegations verbally stated to one, some or all of us, my husband and I, and my parents.:

Please note these are all false and no evidence exists because they are false.

I am faking my disability.

I am too disabled.

My husband cannot look after my son AND I.

-missing out all I do for my son incl. Staying with him so daddy can take a break as a carer and sleep.

They say allsorts of things but constantly change wen proven wrong and never in writing.

They ue all the negative and nasty judgements and opinions of professionals who have been unprofessional whilst struggled for my diagnosis. there are lots of abusive notes in my medical files etc.

Again all wrong and just bullies.

I'm also been told i'm not allowed to go the hospital wth our son.

I need hospital transport, and we did go originally, but now they say we re not allowed our son on his own in the transport wth us to escort and support him during his time of leukemia, which I wish I could take it from him and suffer instead!

He's losing his hair again.

Also all the support we were offered, help and holidays all went to my parents.

My mam told the school when I didn't want her to now they won't deal with me at all and always address my parents fr everything.

I missed my sons nativity! my parents never told me and apparantly only 2 tickets per child allowed but care about all these little things we are missing our son's firsts and events and everything.

I told dad that i wanted to take our son to a specific holiday place, and got told tonight, ONLY cause I phoned to see how our son was, that they are going to THIS place tomorrow morning for 3 days.

I'm gutted.

I'm not coping with missing all the little things and feel s though I can't go on without him home no longer.

It's killing me - husbands the same.

When we get home, empty house, sometimes its like he's dead or we never had a son and it truly hurts.

I'm surprised my husband and I have not coped but autopiloted through all the hurt to now!


We want him home because he has a better standard of living here. We have a better knowledge of child behaviour and psychology and can execute token economy and fair kind lessons ad time outs.

I hate to say this but being at my parents he has become naughty- copying violence from films and games up to 18 certificate. greedy behaviour as he gets everything he wants when we wanted to prepare him for life and enjoy the feeling on earning something.

They are good parents but they are not realising the harm this is causing.

We wish he was home as we have a LOT of work turning him back into a kind, sharing, happy kid with no zombie/alien nightmares, and starting again with teaching him no. some things in life are impossible. he needs to be able to deal with things in life he will realise are out of his reach and things that are possible you have to work for.

We'd have him brush teeth, make bed, eat dinner before dessert, no coca cola and organic food and drinks. and homework etc he'd get a gold star for each little thing he achieves, and a small gift at end of week or big gift at end of month. and only special toys at xmas and birthday NOT like now when they are not special, they are like every other day.

Used mobile so some letters missing in words sorry.

We always make learning fun, I've worked with young children in nurseries since 12 years old - all work experiences have been in nurseries and course work experience and was a nurse cadet for a year but completed first aid, food safety and hygiene level2, no secrets workbook and worked with disabled children and adults.

All before i was disabled. I also changed nappies and looked after young babies and children from 13 as we have a big family. my grandma had 9 kds and other had lots too.

I have done psychology, and all of this is missed out of the files along with the charity run providing a forum for people with same dsabilities.

I'm not sure how I am ever going to get him home again.

Expert:  Clare replied 2 years ago.
I am fairly sure that there haven't been care proceeding s- but just to check - it would have meant a lot of hearings and your son would have had a solicitor and so would you and your husband - and your parents.
Where are you being treated for your EDS?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I have had a rheumatologist at the same hospital.

We had a solicitor until she abandoned us after not defending us, and we were not allowed another one until 6 months apparantly, we have not yet had another solicitor,

We had a series of meetings with ex solicitor and social services where they voted when there were lots of them and 3 of us, to put our son on the at risk register, he was eventually taken off.

We finally saw a judge at a family law court, regariding the

Residential order, without a solicitor and without being allowed any input, this was for my parents to have the residential order and the social worker was present as was my parents solicitor.

I think there was a special guardianship order prior to the residential. They are not telling us exactly what is going on and we have received false information from social services from the start until they stopped all contact completely and just contact my parents, they don't call us back, don't answer our questions and completely ignore us.

The judge assumed whatever social had said - we don't know, as true, and wanted my parents to have our son.

I was diagnosed with SPD by a physio 26th July 2009 and diagnosed with hypermobility syndrome between february and april 2010.

I had the blood tests to confirm it too.

I have been on DLA highest rate since august approx 2010 and in need of a carer since during pregnancy, as well as a wheelchair.

Expert:  Clare replied 2 years ago.
Do you still have any of the paperwork?