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, person says I have made a criminal offence and fraud him,

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Hi, person says I have made a criminal offence and fraud him, because I have sold puppy 4 weeks older that he really was, what means age 15-16 weeks instead age 10-11 weeks. Puppy was in good health and vet checked and the lady who bought him even did not asked his aged and the partner now accusing me was not even there on the sale day. Four weeks after sale all that started. Because it a fraud that I lied puppy age he says, he will take me to court, report Kennel Club and the bill after all that I get done with will be £5000 - £7000? If he will win, what kind of cost I am looking at and what my situation would be in it?
Thank you for your question. My name is ***** ***** I will try to help with this.
He could potentially sue for misrepresentation. It isn't a criminal offence but it does give rise to a claim.
Suing for misrepresentation isn't going to cost anything like £5k-£7k. It would cost a couple of hundred pounds.
If you told him the puppy was older than it was then that is a misrepresentation if this is a pedigree. He would only the diminution value though which is probably not a great deal really.
He could complain to the kennel club though if you are registered breeder. They do take that type of thing seriously but that doesn't give rise to costs.
Can I clarify anything for you?
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thank you so much, I appreciate your opinion.

That guy turned up on my doorstep late after 9.15pm, what was late. He explained all situation as his vet says puppy is older and guy is very not happy. I did asked his id as I never saw him before and he said he is a boyfriend of the girl who bought the pup and he had puppy KC papers. He said I am police officer and this is my id, was too dark to see, but must to been real. He said I know my rights, you fraud me and I will report you to police for fraud, Kennel Club and all these thousands I will have to pay. I have offered him to take pup back and pay all money back, but no, he said he keeps pup and I will have to pay him £700 back. He gave me two days to get back to him and pay these money or he reports me to police and Kennel Club. I contacted him again offering taking pup back and full refund and I had to record our conversation as he was giving just two options to me or £700 pay to him or I get done. I have reported him to police for that as I felt frightened and blackmailed. Non the real policeman would do it? Well he was very young 21? I am waiting for police to come this week to take detales about my report. When I rang them I told he is demanding for money or blackmailing me with criminal offence for life, court fees £7000 all in total, band from KC. Thank you so much for the advise

Well, he should learn not to get involved in his girlfriends disputes. Thanks to her and her incitement he has placed himself at risk.
He could be a policeman. I wouldn't be intimidated by that. The police do not generally take the cream of the UK.
A real policemen is perfectly free to make sale of goods act complaints and a policeman who is not very good at seeing a professional victim when he is in a relationship with one is free to get involved in his girlfriend's disputes.
Jo C. and 2 other Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thanks JO, so would you advise me to appoint myself a solicitor before I make my statement the police on Wednesday? as I am not sure of the replications of me saying he used his states as an officer of the law to extract an amount of money he thought fit?

I wouldn't suggest reporting this at all. I do not think he has committed an offence.