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Two sons and two daughters would have been entitled to a share

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Two sons and two daughters would have been entitled to a share of an estate of a recently deceased first cousin twice removed. The mother of their adopted mother, was a full cousin
of the deceased.The inheritance line has been disqualified due to the adoption being not recognised pre 1927. However the father of the adopted child made out a will in June 1962 leaving all his possessions to his adopted daughter. Would such a Will in 1962 be regarded as being made out by both the husband and wife with the consequence that the inheritance line became valid? The father died in 1966 and his wife died 3 years later having moved out of the family home to live with her adopted daughter. She did not make a will presumably as she had no possessions and felt that her husband had
made all necessary arrangements for their "only child".
Thank you for your question.
The will of the father is only the will of the father and had application only to his estate as at the date of his death.
This inheritance relates to a death after that time and the will has no relevance to that, I'm afraid.
Please leave a positive response so that I am credited for my time.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks for your reply - Will respond hopefully tomorrow when I check with my source that made me think that a non relative beneficiary of a will would introduce that person into an inheritance line.


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