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Hiya. I was arrested a few days ago (on Tuesday) ,

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I was arrested a few days ago (on Tuesday) for affray, and taken to Suffolk (UK) Police Headquarters @ Martlesham. Five hours later I was released and driven back home without being charged.
When they arrested me at my home they searched for, found and took with them five knives-three sheath knives and two lock knives, which I take with me when I go to 'bike rallies, or just when camping (obviously not all of them! Maybe a couple though).
Now-these knives are totally legal to buy & own, as long as you don't have them on your person in a public area when you have no good/legal reason to do so (for instance if you're a chef, or a builder maybe).
The police who arrested me and took these knives didn't give me a receipt for them, and I didn't, and would never sign them away to be destroyed (they're tools as far as I'm concerned, not weapons. I don't believe that violence of any sort is a solution to anything at all. Whittling (!!) is a different matter altogether!)
I was told they would phone me later about giving them back to me but they never did, and I've had to phone them to ask for the officer in charge of my case to contact me in the next couple of days. Whether he will or not is also another matter.
How can I get them back if they refuse to return them? Should I pay for a lawyer to write a letter to the police? That would probably cost me three or four times more than the knives are worth!
Yours, Paul.
Hello I am a solicitor with 20 years experience. I will try to answer this.
Are you on police bail?
It may be that these knives have been seized as evidence. If so you will find it difficult to get them back until the end of the case.
Hiring a lawyer would cost more than replacing the knives.
Do you know the names or numbers of the officers involved?
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No, I'm not on police bail. And no, I can't remember any of their names/numbers, sorry.

You can continue chasing the police but basically if yo have no luck you will need to issue a summon in the local magistrates court under the Police Property Act. This is expensive,slow and cumbersome and frankly not worth the effort.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I wouldn't worry too much about how much a summons would cost, as my Dad died in 2008 and left me a whole heap of cash. I would much rather get one over the police even if it costs more than replacing those knives! I can't allow them to get away with this illegal act. What would they do next? They already regularly park on double yellow lines and at bus-stops. I'd be doing all the residents of Suffolk county a favour by legally forcing the police to give me back my knives. Well-maybe...