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my dog got into my neighbours garden & hurt their rabbit

Customer Question

Hi my dog got into my neighbours garden & hurt their rabbit . The rabbit had escaped from its run . The dog didn't show any interest in it when it was in the run . The fence is jointly owned & the rabbit has escaped before . The neighbour wants us to pay the whole vet bill , but we feel that we should pay half each . This is because we feel there was fault on both sides , they should of ensured that it couldn't get out & we should of checked the fence .
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  LondonlawyerJ replied 2 years ago.
Hello I am a solicitor with 20 years experience. I will try to answer this for you. Do yo know whose responsibility it is to maintain the fence? If it is their responsibility then I don't see why you should have to pay anything except out of goodwill.
If the fence is your responsibility/joint responsbility then there is large contributory negligence and an offer to pay half sounds reasonable to me.