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I won the case but they have left a

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Hi I won the case but they have left a
-Could you explain your situation a little more?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Barclay card and myself.

In 2012 I applied to barclaycard re PPI claim against them, my original card was Egg barclaycard took them over they owed me roughly £4500 and I owed them £5300 this claim was against Egg not barclaycard I have asked them how much do they owe me from barclaycard I have never had an answer, I advised them in 2012 to use that amount to reduce my debt to them to roughly owing them £800, put it onto paper and sent it off, in 2012 I got ill prostate cancer, all ready having two heart attacks, I forgot about everything health was more important. I went to stay with my son in Farnbourgh in 2013, and decided to go and buy a new phone went to O2 and they advised me that they could not provide a new phone as I had a default on my system with Experian , I contacted Experian and they advised that barclaycard had done this, I wrote to them with no response no matter how many times that I wrote no response, continual phone calls got me know were , however I have been paid roughly £8000 . but the default was still there I have had one letter which tells me that I agreed with them of there facts , totally incorrect I sent a letter back refuting what was in there letter I have been receiving mail from MKDP demanding payment of £5300 re Barclaycard , this is also with the ombudsman my claim against Barclaycard I have advised MKDP that this case is still not finished . My paperwork to barclaycard is very large with only one letter back which was telling a load untruths , I responded back and asked them for there department who logs phone calls and refuting there statements, no response has been fourth coming. I did not use my credit card since I sent my very first letter,

I am aware that they cannot remove the default, But I think I am due some recompense for there atrocious behavior . I am unable to borrow to help me I am nearly 71 years old, I get a very poor pension and it is hard to live of it.

Regards ***** *****

Just to clarify the Ombudsman has not yet made a finding?
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Thanks. Can you send me your number?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

01691 773413

Can you check it that is not working for me?!
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

my number is ***** 773413

Calling now!