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there, I made un application at croydon PEO

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Hello there,
I made un application for ILR at croydon PEO using a same day premioum service, my application was excepted and got my biometrics taken , and then i was asked to hang around for couple of hours for the decision. After about 3 hours i was called at the counter and the caseworker said to me that she needed some more info regarding my stay in the uk from year 2000 to year 2012, if i have been out off the country for more than two years contiunosly during this time. She asked me to provide evidence like eployment letters or banks statements during this period and she said to me that if i could provide them latter that day she would then make a decision on the same day. I could not provide that information on that day as it was latte afternoon, so i had to go back the day after and send proof of national insurance contributions statement from HMRC from year 2000 to year 2013
That i have been paying every year. Another official took the paper work from me and went inside for about 10 mins and when he came out he said to me that the documents been passed to the caseworker and we will contact you by post. I made the application on monday 13th april 2015, and i provided the further documents requested on tuesday14 april 2015. And i'm still awaiting decision. My question is this normal that is taking this long, is my application still considered as premioum , or i would end up waiting for months? Thanks in advance.

Yes, this is normal as the Home Office needs to make further checks about your stay in the UK.

As soon as the checks are complete, they will notify you.

You need to remember that the PEO is not a guaranteed service that you will be given ILR and only straightforward applications are decided on the same day. If further checks are required, the application cannot be decided on the same day.

I would ask you to wait until the end of the month as you should receive a response by then I believe.

May I help further?
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi there, thanks for ur respond. Another question please, would the national contributions statement from year 2000 to year 2012 , that i have been paying continuesly during this period would be ok to prove the stay in the uk? Thanks
Yes,that should help prove that you were living in the UK.