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I have received a letter from my ex wifes solicitor

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I have received a letter from my ex wifes solicitor requesting that I sign a document which will remove my name from the title deeds. background - I left my wife 6 years ago and was divorced soon after. We had the house on the market which I purchased myself with a deposit of £65,000,00 which my wife removed from the market several months later. At this point I stopped paying the mortgage. When I left I had debts totalling nearly 40,000 which my wife refused to help to pay off. I had no alternative but to go bankrupt due to my business becoming unviable due to a change in law regarding Home Information Packs. My wife has now purchased my share of the property from the bankruptcy . My question is can I be forced to sign this document ? there is a charge on the property for £19,000 in my name which once I am back on my feet I intend to pay off which would mean I owned part of the property. Her solicitor has stated that if I do not sign they will either take me to court or ask a judge to sign it on my behalf. they also state 5that any costs associated to this will be claimed back from me via the courts/ I would appreciate any advice you could offer Many Thanks Jason XXXX

Thank you for your question.
My name is ***** ***** I will do my best to help you
It is bad news I am afraid.
Your ex is the sole Beneficial Owner of the property - and paying off that Charge would not give you an interest in the property.
I am afraid that your ex can indeed apply to the court for an order that you sign the document - or that the Judge signs it instead - and to add insult to injury they can claim I am so sorry there is simply no way that this can be avoided
You have my sympathy for whatever it is worth
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