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i have raised over years several business within second life,

Customer Question

i have raised over years several business within second life, first account was very early on, i made many Linden friends, tech friends, even members of Linden real time family members, one of which i rented some land from the fees went up and up; and eventually she changed from a friend to a nasty manipulate deceitful person, who then revealed to me, that her family where Lindens and she would use her every power to see that my account and any future account would be banned, I was mentor mentor buddy mentor coach at the time, i brought this up and sent the chat log to every Linden i could find, only Philip Linden accepted file; I also then as premium member posted tickets of the logged chat conservation which clearly stated she Kitty Tandino was going use her power as Linden employee, and her familys powers as Lindens, and friends within tech support live chat ect, my chat log conservations where ignored tickets unanswered. And i was eventually banned, for several years i waged war of words with linden labs even buying domain name bet there attention, I created another account, and created the only Bleach Anime Manga sim within sl, i was due go traveling to India so i hired managers to look after my sim, which took around 3 years build, as i went to pay few 100 thousand linden for rent, for few months or 2, i was instantly banned after paying, then went to tech support as premium member again and was informed by tech support employee he knew who i was and he was going do everything he could keep me banned, i relaunched the chat log files of chat of Kitty Tandino and a fairly new Linden not yet swallowed up by corruption unbanned me. shortly after i was banned again permanently. several years ;ater i discover email from Linden labs to Adrastos Sikorsky my original SL account stating that due to there ISP Security upgrades my account had accidentally been banned and to open the attachment to reactivate my account immediately with there apologies, I did not see this letter at the time of my first account being banned, and as my second account was banned of premise of my first accounts wrongful slander and SL technical issues, i wondered could i seek help? I have since tried contact Linden labs its like they refuse to read it, my original chat log of the conservation with Kitty Tandino where she names her Linden real time family and the things the people she shall use get me permanently banned is still within my secondlife account as should the original tickets be, i have not acted diplomatically with these people, when a company creates laws even if you sign up to those laws, if those laws are unjust unfair and not visibly clear on sign up to the member, then surely like any law they can be fought against? i sunk tens of thousands pounds into secondlife in both accounts, Ive lost revenue; slander, my name address still appears in Google search Ive asked them to remove this they will not comply Ive asked for all my billing information transactions tickets that i launched intermediate brother sister company's who i brought linden from through sl i get no reply response or answers; i know there are many of us out there who have lost thousands through (Lindenlabs) if we can get thousand people together joint lawsuit im sure worldwide we could win, my current ticket number which tech support CathyK claimed would remain open 02110095
can anyone help?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Ash replied 2 years ago.
Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.
What is it you want to achieve?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

i wish to receive legal and financial help in seeking full compensation for secondlifes mishandling of my accounts, full repayment of any money used in secondlife on both accounts, compensation for loss of earnings on both accounts, the retrievable of both accounts, or full repayment of the cost of the inventory of both accounts and outstanding balances, i have a letter from linden lab apologizing for there mistake few days after my first account was banned but i didnt see this to five years later and through my first account being accidentally banned but through me not seeing and replying to the official letter, my second account was also banned, first account was put on hold because of ISP upgrade the letter states its there fault we sorry please open the attachment to reactivate your account, but the attachment no longer opens

Expert:  Ash replied 2 years ago.
How much are you seeking to claim?