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I asked a PPI company to look into claiming some PPI

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I asked a PPI company to look into claiming some PPI for me which they processed and before it was resolved ceased trading. I could not contact them by phone so sent them a letter stating that if they did not get back to me within 14 days they would no longer be acting on my behalf, they did not get back to me so I contacted the bank directly and they sent me the refund, I did hear from another company saying they were an agent for the original company and sent me a novation agreement which I did not sign, they are now asking for the fee which should have been payable to the original company. where do I stand?
Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you.
How much is being sought from you?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi Alex

Thank you for getting in touch

Company B are asking for £673.44

here a little further information

Company A that ceased trading did not contact me at all regarding company B taking over. after being unable to contact company A by telephone (telephone lines dead) June 2014 I sent the letter to company A 16 June 2014. no reply. Aug 2014 I telephone the bank directly to see what was happening and they stated they had sent an offer to Company A around May 2014, I tell the bank I cannot contact Company A so they send me the forms to accept their offer

Company B sent me a novation agreement in July 2014 which I did not agree to,

April 2015 Company B send me a letter to tell me the bank have made an offer and it is upto me whether I accept along with a bill for 18% (£673.44).

I feel company B have not worked in any way on my behalf looking at the timescales but state they are an agent of Company A.

please let me know your thoughts on this

I look forward to hearing from you

You haven't signed anything with B. There is no contract with you and B. They can not change you fir anything. The contract with A ended when they ceased trading.
Can I clarify anything for you about this today please?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I have just checked and Company A (Astute Finance Ltd) are still on the companies house webcheck service as operating. The letter I sent to them in June 2014 stating that if they do not contact me within 14 days they are no longer acting on my behalf, to which I received no reply.

just checking but can they still chase me for their fee even though I haven't heard from them and they directly are not contactable?

They can try and chase but would have to show they have done work. They can not. Therefore any claim would fail.
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