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I was disciplined today. My job is to question what people

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I was disciplined today. My job is to question what people tell me as I work in the employee screening team .I have to make sure what they tell me is true by asking for documentary evidence etc so for example if someone says they were working for a particular company then I go out for references. We had someone not start saying she had been attacked on her way to work so couldn't make her induction meeting. Its not we don't believe her but the excuses for not turning up at a call centre have over the years been very inventive. We accepted her explanation anyway and when discussing this with a colleague agreed that as she subsequently had a crime number then it most likely did take team leader called us into a room and said that she was shaking with anger that we had had the conversation as she had to think about the effect this could have had on the team. How dare we have such an opinion. I felt terrible I wasn't implying anything other than we have to check all statements made to us it part of the job but she was adamant we had crossed some line and all in the team would have been upset. What employment law did I transgress please.

Hello, thank you for your question, my name is ***** ***** I can assist with this.

I am not sure that I can see you have done anything wrong here at all. You're allowed to have an opinion, it's part of being human and living in a democracy. I suppose how you might express that can be an issue, such as if you disclosed confidential information to third parties not authorised to receive it, but there is no suggestion of anything like that in your question.

The employer should be stating, in writing, what it is you are supposedly being investigated and, if appropriate, disciplined for. If this has not happened, then I wonder whther in fact you have been formally disciplined at all and this was more likely to have been a manager simply taking out a bad day on you - quite unfairly!

So, from what you have said, I cannot identify what you might have done wrong.



Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thanks do I have any redress against her or should I let sleeping dogs lie

You could raise a formal grievance, to have more senior management review the conduct of the manager dealt with you.
You can expect that to be properly investigated and then adjudicated upon.
It is unlikely, from what you have said, that there would be any other avenue available to you at this stage. Ultimately, there is the prospect that you could potentially resign and claim unfair constructive dismissal, if you have been employed by your employer for excess of two years. This is only likely to be possible, however, if what your manager did was incredibly wrong, and embarrassing to the extent that makes you feel it is simply no longer possible to continue in your employment. Such claims are incredibly difficult to succeed with. Is not normally an avenue that is open, but I thought I would mention it for completeness.
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