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My name is***** recently become a boyfriend of a young

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My name is***** recently become a boyfriend of a young lady who is a tenant of a property.
My girlfriend has 2 childrens, 1 one year old boy, and 1 four years old girl, her ex boyfriend, his new girlfriend, his mother and his step sister also live in the property.
Ever since we started dating, the ex mother in law's and the stepsister's attitude became aggressive towards my girlfriend both verbaly and physicaly, especially the stepsister.
I gave her a mobile phone that she can use to contact me but she has been threatened by the mother in law to give it back or she will break it. She, her daughter, and the ex boyfriend are constatnly telling her to put the home keys out, grab her belongings and move out, and forget the kids.
My girlfriend is the only person, who has a job and actually is working, paying the rent and the bills. When she is at work, the children are with the mother in law, who, according to my girlfriend, succesfully managed to turn both child against their own mother and also keeps telling to my girlfriend that she will bring vitnesses to prove how badly she treats her own children.
The ex boyfriend stole her email and facebook account, she can't acces it, also got acces to her payslips and demanding her to all money she makes to be given to him and he also destroyed the fower I bought to her last week.
Today morning she called me saying she is over three nosebleeding(due to the stress) I recuested advice from the police what can we do, the lady said, ask the landlord, to remove the non tenants, if they start acting violently just call 101 and they will come to help.
My question is as a boyfriend, what can I do, or what can be done to solve this problem as there is a seroious fear that if she leaves the property they will either try to lock her out, or worse, try to leave the country as they are hungarian citizens and take the chilldrens with them even if its against the will of their mother?
Thank you for your question. My name is ***** ***** I will try to help with this.
Why are you involved in this?
You are not proposing to confront the boyfriend that she claims is behaving like this?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi Jo,

Thank you fro your quick reply.

The reason why I am involved is because this started when we started dating.

I confronted the boyfriend about two weeks ago, when he asked me not to go to that house again.

I wan't to go there to tell them to stop this, but firstly I needed to know what are the legal options.

Yes, I understand but why haven't you left this to her? This is not your problem.
I realise that you have been socialised to protect women and I understand but, take it from me, I have been involved in criminal law for a long time and I have lost count of the number of perfectly law abiding men who have ended up in the dock because they have been manipulated into sorting out the problems of young ladies. You could argue that men shouldn't do it which is true but they wouldn't if women did put them in that position.
Whatever is going on here, even if truthfully reported to you by her, is her problem not yours. It is not for you to be buying her phones or sorting out her housing issues.
Please bear in mind that if you resolve this in a way that ends with the police she will not be joining you in the dock.
You should not be lifting a finger about this. Apart from anything else, he could not have got access to her Facebook without her login details which she could have just changed instead of inciting you to act.
In terms of her position, she can move out by giving notice which would be the obvious solution.
If there are other offences then she can report them to the police but please rest assured that she will be quite well aware of her rights.
She could complain to the landlord if these people aren't supposed to be there but then the landlord may evict her too for subletting. You might want to observe that these people couldn't have got access without her consent.
Don't you worry about her issues. You just worry about you. You are the most important person here. These are not your problems and you should not be exposing yourself to risk.
Can I clarify anything for you?
Jo C. and other Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thank you very much for the help, This was everything I needed.

No problem.
Please look after yourself. I realise this isn't what you want to hear but you are almost certainly being used here.
if you had an issue with your former partner you would invite your new girlfriend to sort it out, would you? Good women don't use you for minding purposes. Also, they buy their own mobile phones.
Sorry, that should have read WOULD NOT.
Anyway, you get the drift.
What she has done to the ex boyfriend she will do to you. In six months she will be making allegations of abuse against you.
Protect yourself.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Yep, I've got it, thanks.

No suprise I had the feeling from the start that of this whole story was a bit too good, to be true.

At least now I know how this looks like. I'll stay on the safe side, no one worth to put myself into trouble especially into troubles that can have me ending up with the police or court.

You helped me a lot and I appreciate it.

Thank you

No problem. All the best.
No good woman would ask you to do that.