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There , I was involved in a pub fight a few weeks back

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Hi there ,
I was involved in a pub fight a few weeks back that started inside the pub and then carried out on to rhe street outside, i was involved inside and a few punches where thrown outside there were two geoups fighting each with about 10 people in , i broke my hand punching someone. thought it was over with but now have been informed that the police are involved and have mine qnd a few of my driends names they want to speak to 3 of ky freinds more urgently than the other 3 of us . My one friend has been to the station and theyve said the cctv in the pub is fuzzy and not working properly but the cctv outside has caught one of my friends on and i dont know if i am on cctv either but i have heard the people we where fighting one has a broken jaw and the one was beaten up preety badly. I just have a few question i have a number to ring of the officer dealing with the case , should i ring up and go the the station to give a statment althought i cant remember tyat much about what happend? If i go should i tell them i broke my hand fighting that night? And also do they show me the cctv before questioning me so i know if im on cctv or not ? . Also to add ky freind who went to the station has said to them the whole pub preety much was fighting inside and punches were thrown then it went outside but he wasnt on cctv outside so they have said to him no further action will be taken against him, really im just looking for what my best options are abd what i should say if i do have to go in for questiooning to give myself the best possible position thanks alot any help is appreciated.
Thank you for your question. My name is ***** ***** I will try to help with this.
what would you like to know about this please?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Is it in my best intrest to ring up te officer or wait for then to get in contact with me? As i would not like then coming to my house about it , also if i do go in should i unform them that i broke my hand in the fight ? Also if i do go in do they have to show ke the cctv evidence before i get questioned ?
On the whole it is better to make an appointment to surrender voluntarily. There are exceptions but not here.
What you should do is get a solicitor to attend with you who will tell you whether to make a no comment interview or not.
Bro***** *****ds are not generally particularly helpful especially if the breaks are to the knuckles. In addition to that if their ID evidence is weak then you will plug up the gap for them by telling them you were there.
They don't have to play the CCTV to you in interview although often they will. It depends on the force and the officer. Some officers will not disclose everything before interview and I have to say that if I was an interviewing officer I almost never would unless I wanted the person I was interviewing to be acquitted.
Can I clarify anything for you?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Just curious about wether i should admit to hitting someone or not what would be in my best intrest as i dont think they cab prove i have, also should i inform them of my bro***** *****d as you cannot tell its broke if i do not wear my splint , and finally what is there normal legal action to take agiabt this as tgere was alot of people involved on both side but to note i have had a public order fine for affray before of £80
Well, as I said really. You should get a solicitor who will have disclosure before your interview.
If you answer questions you can only tell the truth.
It might not be a good idea to answer questions depending on their evidence.
On the face of it, if you hit somebody in circumstances that were not self defence then it should almost certainly be a no comment interview.
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