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My daughter has rented a flat in scotland. the washer/dryer

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My daughter has rented a flat in scotland. the washer/dryer broke down and the landlords have replaced it with a washing machine not a like for like replacement. Where does she stand and should the washer/dryer have been replaced like for like. The landlords have stated cost as the reason
Thank you for your question.
Does the written lease or inventory of contents specify a washer drier? If yes, then that is what the replacement has to be. If not then they don't have to replace like with like.
Happy to discuss further.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hello, thank you for your reply. The inventory does state washer/dryer. The landlords have sighted cost and maintence as the reason for substituting just a washing machine, they have also stated they don't want a dryer in the property sighting condensation as the reason. There is an outside whirly and they say that should be used. My daughter was hoping to stay there for a further year. Our concern is that they would either refuse to rent to her again or that when the lease is due for renewal they would simply change the inventory. The leasing agents don't seem to be willing to push this issue.

If they didn't want condensation one wonders why they had a washer drier to start with.
They should replace like with like on the inventory.
Assuming there was a specific reason for wanting a washer drier, your daughter would have recourse to the Private Rented Housing Panel. See
However, you are right, in that by taking such action the landlords would terminate the lease at the end of the term and there's nothing she could do about this n
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thank you you have confirmed what I thought.