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I need some advice with regards ***** ***** Form AN Application

Customer Question

I need some advice with regards ***** ***** Form AN Application form Application for naturalisation as a British citizen.
As I don’t know the UK Immigration act and I am not sure which of my issues needs to be disclose in answer to question below.
Questions in Application:
Personal History (criminal convictions, war crimes, etc.)
This section asks about any criminal convictions, any civil judgements or civil penalties made against you and details of any involvement you may have had in war crimes, genocide, crimes against humanity or terrorism. If you fail to answer all of these questions as fully and accurately as possible, your application may be refused.
It is an offence under Section 46(1) of the British Nationality Act 1981 to make a statement or representation which is know to be false of is not believed to be true. Information given will be checked with other agencies.
3.6 Have you been convicted of any criminal offence in the UK or any other country?
3.8 Do you have any civil judgements against you or any civil penalty under the UK Immigration Acts?
3.9 Give details for each civil judgment or any civil penalty under the UK immigration acts, starting with the most recent one. If you have received more than two civil judgements and/or civil penalties under the UK Immigrations Acts, please photocopy this page and enclose it with this form.
3.10 Have you received any cautions (simple or conditional), warnings or reprimands in the UK or any other country?
My records:
1. I have one CCJ dated 28/5/2009 for CC debt which I am repaying monthly
2. I had a few summons for outstanding Council Tax (all paid, at the moment I am up to date with payments)
3. In 2009 I had an administrative penalty from Council. (I used to get housing benefit, and when my circumstances changed I had informed HMRC straight away, but I fail to inform council (not on purpose, I just was not aware that I need to inform both - HMRC and Council. I rather thought that their systems are connected and Council will be inform automatically. I repay overpaid benefit monthly.
Please advise what I have to put on my application and what is not relevant. I don’t want to have any problems for not disclosing my records. On the other hand I don’t want to put more information that needed.
Kind regards
Katarzyna Klajna
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  UKSolicitorJA replied 2 years ago.
I would advise you to disclose all of the above. I do not believe they will affect your application as you have no unspent convictions from the court but you should disclose all of them.
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