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I was just reversed into by a delivery car at ZSL London Zoo

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I was just reversed into by a delivery car at ZSL London Zoo whilst sitting feeding my 1.5 yr old daughter. The car hit my chair, then my back and I banged on the side of the van and shouted, which made him aware, at which point he stopped. The car was 12 inches from my daughter. He could've seriously injured us both, or potentially killed her, despite the car travelling at slow speed. I've made an official complaint, and want serious compensation, but have no serious injuries, other than the stress associated with it. It is a vehicle that belongs to the catering company within ZSL, who are a contracted company. What should I expect to hear back from them and what am I entitled to?
Thank you for your question. My name is ***** ***** I will try to help with this.
I am really sorry but you are not going to be able to claim a substantial amount.
You only get compensation for the actual loss suffered in the UK rather than the potential loss arising from a risk of something that didn't happen.
If he caused damage to the chair then there is a claim for the actual cost of putting that right.
If you were actually injured then you would be able to claim a certain amount. You don't describe your injury here but seem to accept it is not serious. Realistically then it would probably be less than £100 for pain and suffering.
You need to provide a costings of your actual loss. You might get a bit more to avoid adverse publicity although probably they would just pass it onto their insurers who would only give you the bare minimum that the court would make them. You don't want the cost of going to court though.
Can I clarify anything for you?
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