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Im a tenant whose landlord did not give me 2 months

Customer Question

Hi im a tenant whose landlord did not give me 2 months notice on a section 21 notice. The agent has lied and said that he put notice in my post box on a certain date but he did not. I mentioned this to landlord who then harassed me and has been caught on video camera with sound harassing me. I have had the claim for for possession of property from court today with defence form. I want to defend and counterclaim harassment how do i do this ? I dont know at the moment what amount to claim for as my Dr told me that i will be on meds several months. I have dr's notes, hospital notes etc and council tenancy relations officer sent warning letter to landlord.Plus a 35 min film of my landlord harassing me on a certain date which he date stamps by talking about the date.The agent has lied as my Landlord has told me on film he is giving the agent a cash bung behind the agents employers. At present the property ombudsman had accepted my formal complaint about the agent and is currently looking at it. I want to defend on the date received the section 21 then counterclaim do i do it all on same defence N11B ? What do i put as amount as dont know at this stage how long my anxiety which came on from Landlord harassment will last Can provide documents. Only evidence agent has of serving my section 21 is a photo of the envelope with wrong date on addressed to me at my post box an undated photo which could have been taken any time.

Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Law