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Early last year I commissioned a specialist central heating

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Early last year I commissioned a specialist central heating company to install a high efficiency wood pellet fired boiler under the latest Government funded scheme. There were a number of delays due in part as a result of serious errors on the part of the original installation manager. I was initially advised that the boiler & pellet hopper could be installed outside my back door in a space that already existed. When the engineers were due to start they failed to arrive so I had to seek assistance from two friends to transfer the equipment into the garage. The delivery had arrived on pallets on the start date & it was clear that this expensive equipment could easily be stolen. When the engineers arrive about 10 days later I was advised that the original installation manager had made numerous errors that they were having to resolve. The first problem we encountered was that the allocated space was inadequate & the actual boiler had to be inside. After much "discussion" I agreed to make space in our garage & again sought help from my 2 friends. It was distressing for me to discard much of my own stored equipment & materials to make room. About mid November the actual installation work commenced. There were 2 or 3 issues that prevented the boiler from being fired up & had to be resolved hence more delays. They promised the work would be finished before Xmas ( but did not state which one!!).Other problems were found some appertaining to the boiler & one to the storage hopper. New parts were required to correct the boiler. The hopper supplied would not fit the allocated space, the space agreed prior to work commencing, so one of a narrower dimension was acquired. I was told that the new hopper would be about 4 mtrs high. It is in fact much higher & in the opinion of a couple of friends could cause compression of the pellets at the bottom making it difficult for the extraction system to function efficiently - this has already been a major issue. I had purchased 3 tons of pellets that proved to be of poor quality causing the transfer system to become blocked. My wife & I are disabled & recently she went to respite care whilst I went into hospital to resolve some of the issues affecting me. We were away from home for 27 days during which time there was little work done even though one friend was in my home carrying out minor repairs & decorating, jobs that I cannot do. To resolve the hopper blockage, the new installation manager & one of his colleagues spent about half a working day emptying the hopper & were supposed to have arranged for delivery of 2 tons of clean pellets even though they had remover more than 3.5 tons, the 3 tons that I purchased & about half a ton that they had supplied for commissioning of the boiler.
Upon my return the engineers attempted to complete the work. The system appeared to be working well so the engineers went home at the end of the day, some 4 hours after starting up the boiler - about 1630hrs. About 1700 hrs my daughter who had been helping us left by the back door on her way to her home. She was back 2 minutes later alarmed by her discovery of thick smoke in the garage all around the boiler & out front spreading down the road. I asked her to immediately switch off the boiler. She took photos of the smoke & returned to me. I rang the new installation manager to advise him of the current situation. He had no explanation & by this time my daughter became extremely concerned so I rang 999 for the fire brigade. upon their arrival & with help from the manager, the fire was extinguished. It was seated at the base of the feed hopper on the rear of the boiler. Next day the engineer arrived to clean up & investigate. He arranged for the manufacturers engineer to investigate. This engineer had limited reason for this problem except to say that most of the boiler settings were way out & too low. He reset everything, restarted the boiler, then discussed the situation with me & my daughter. He could not guarantee there would be no further issue with the boiler. this alarmed us both so we instructed him to switch off the boiler until we could think this through. As I said earlier, my wife & I are disabled with my wife only able to shuffle a few metres on her frame, & me in a wheelchair totally unable to walk. If there were to be a major incident we are severely at risk for our lives. I have been e-mailing the new installation manager for nearly 2 weeks now with no response. my last2 e-mail have been returned undelivered i.e. somehow delivery blocked. I am now at a loss as to where I should go. I paid a substantial deposit to commission the work & owed the balance to be paid upon completion of the work. I have been using the balance as a lever to get the work satisfactorily completed. Now it would appear we are at stale-mate. My daughter suffered injury through smoke inhalation & has been receiving hospital treatment for 2 weeks now. Your advice please.
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