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A builder started a job but found it to hard he asked another

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A builder started a job but found it to hard he asked another builder to help him at £150 a day to do bricks in garden and build a wall after 4 days I sacked the first builder who had £2500 of me and ask his friend to finish the work ,he agreed saying the £2400 would finish the work but I had to give him the £ 750 he should of got of first builder I said ok but now he is asking for £1250 yet all bricks where bought before he took over he has not bought much, I have now refused to pay that much I said the first four days he worked where for his friend who had been paid up front for job I said I will pay 650.00 more that all, he is threatening to smash up work he's done unless I pay the £1250 I gave him £2400 already,to me his friend should pay him £600 not me please advise
Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you.
Who is asking you to pay what, it is not quite clear.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I paid first builder £2500 now his friend who took over wants on top of the £2400 I already paid him an extra £1250 as the jobs finished but he told me when I gave him the 2400.00 that was enough to finish the job but he said I'd have to pay him the 750.00 for the week his friend brought him in somehow now he wants £1250 . His friend got the money covering him coming.

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

1st builder was andy now his friend Mark who took over is demanding £1250 or he will smash work up I already paid him up front £2400 he did not buy the bricks he's threatening to smash up as andy got them out of the £2500 I paid him up front,andy took 4weeeks to clear just a garden before he got Mark in to help.Mark said if I don't pay he will take me to court.I only agreed to pay the week he helped andy out at £750 and no more, Mark said the £2400 was enough to finish job never said it was more ,got no bills or final bill just a text saying £1250

Ok. Has the job been finished?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Yes that's when he texted asking for £1250 when it should only be the weeks money £750 we agreed on as I already had given him £2400,which he said was enough to finish it so I said no .I also said why should I pay for 4days of it when andy got him here and them two decided on £150 a day which andy had been given money to cover the garden blocks been laid. To me he was here for the first 4days helping andy out , I said of the £1250 extra he is asking for I will give him £650 only or at most £750 and not anymore I was only told the job would cost£4900 in all . When I asked Mark to take over the job we agreed only on a week's wage of 750 he said 2400 was enough to finish it , I gave him 2400 up front so to me I only owe him at most 750 and not 1250. When he started to threaten us I said if he want 1250 I will take 4days at150 off he worked for andy off so I will only give 650 now he keeps calling and texting threats of court .this will be costing me extra as it is I don't agree on the 500 difference he wants more.andy won't give me any of the 2500 he never use ,he is ignoring my calls and Mark won't ask him for any money because I took him on afterwards.

Ok. Then you dont need to give any more. If it was agreed £750 then you do not need to give £1250.
If they want to pursue it then they can try and take you to the small claims Court. But if one sum was agreed, another sum can't be charged.
Can I clarify anything for you about this today please?
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