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My girlfriend is an Ethiopian national who lives in Abu Dhabi

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My girlfriend is an Ethiopian national who lives in Abu Dhabi with her German husband. She has had three visitor visas to the UK over the past three years. Each time she has stayed with me for durations between 2 weeks and 5 weeks. We have had no problems with visas/passport control. She also has an EU Identity Card.
She is now pregnant and as I am the father we would like her to give birth in the UK. Her husband does not object to this. We are happy to pay for hospital services. However, as there is an ongoing problem of 'health tourism' what is the best way to ensure that visas and entry is granted?
The current plan is for her to apply for a 6 month visit visa as before, but I have heard stories of people being turned away at airport passport control in the UK. Should I get a letter from the local hospital or will evidence of sufficient funds be enough to give assurance that we will pay for treatment?
The UK does not have a visa which allows someone to come to the UK to give birth and as such, she will find it difficult to enter the UK if she declares that she is coming here to give birth.
Pregnancy is not a medical illness and therefore the medical visit visa does not apply in this case.
As a non UK resident, she is not entitled to free NHS treatment anyway so an assurance to pay for her childbirth does not really help as she has to pay for it in the first place.
I am sorry but I cannot give you a positive response as I need to be truthful.
She would be advised to give birth in Abu Dhabi where she is currently residing or in Germany if she has residency rights there under her EU ID card.
All the best
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hello James,

I take it she could visit again as a normal visitor without the intention to give birth here. If she stayed longer than anticipated then presumably she could still make use of the maternity services at the local hospital (even whilst declaring her visa status as a visitor), including giving birth if necessary? As I understand it there is nothing unlawful were that to happen? Again, we would happily pay all invoices from the hospital as required.

Yes, that is fine as long as she doesnt declare her intention to give birth but remember if the immigration authorities find out, she will be in problems for not declaring the same.

All the best
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