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A partner of mine took a photograph of me performing

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A sexual partner of mine took a photograph of me performing a sex act on him without my consent or prior permission. I was not aware the photograph was being taken until the moment I saw the flash. At my request he appeared to delete the photograph when I asked him to, but the camera phone he used was out of my line of vision. I am also concerned that it may have been sent to iCloud, or that he has taken photographs of me before without my knowledge. Has he broken any laws? What legal rights would I theoretically have if I were to report this? I am UK based. In addition, if I were to go to the police, would the police be likely to look at his computer, camera, online activity etc to see if the image had been distributed or stored elsewhere?

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Do you know whether any of the images have actually been distributed in any way?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thanks Alice. No, not to my knowledge. I'm unsure what has happened to them, if anything.

He would certainly be breaking a number of laws if your images were circulated.
A number of potential offences could be commuitted under the Sexual Offences Act 2003, Communications Act 2003 and Protection from Harassment Act 1997. You would also have civil rights for remedies such as an injunction and compensation for assault.
If you reported the matter to the police they would need to see some evidence that your image has been uploaded or distributed. Mere speculation is not going to be enough to result in an arrest or seizure of his computer.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thanks. That clears up the issue of searching the computer. Was the act of taking the photograph without my consent and whilst performing a sex act itself against the law?

It is not a criminal offence unless he was going to use it for revenge, blackmail or some other malicious purpose. In civil law you might have a claim for assault, possibility even a copyright claim. But again the mere taking of the photograph is not necessarily breaking the law but what his intention was to do with it.
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