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My Land Rover went in side respray on March 12th

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My Land Rover went in for a side respray on March 12th this year, Two weeks later the repairer called to say it was ready. I went to collect and it had beed sprayed Blue. My Land Rover Is Silver.
I Complained many times to Aviva, just to get fobbed off. An engineer was sent out and informed me that the car was a good match!!
Then 28 days ago a woman called Emma Brown at Aviva took over and allowed me to get a Land Rover Approved Repairer look at it. They did a report and said it was the wrong colour.
Aviva now say they will not accept this report and I have to wait till the 4th of June for the same AVIVA Engineer to look at it again.
I will have been without my Land Rover for 3 Months by then. What do you advise?
Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.
How much do you want to claim please?
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi Alex,

All I want is my Land Rover Back the right colour.

But its taking so long almost 3 months

Am I entitled to Any for being 3 months with out it?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi are you in the UK?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Part of the Report

Good afternoon and many thanks for your time earlier to discuss the Defender we have on site for a mutual client (Mr Stevenson) as discussed enclosed are a series of images with key notes that explain some of the issues found on my post repair appraisal.

On a whole the repair is not too bad, there are key items which the client has picked up on and a few additional that I have seen myself and feel compelled to report on.

The biggest issue I see and what the client has reported to me is the colour match of the Land Rover Zermatt Silver Metallic, as the entire nearside of the vehicle has been refinish (Wing Side, 2 Doors and Rear Side Panel) There is a significant difference to the front panels (Bonnet and Wing Tops) and the Offside, more noticeable in direct sunlight as this is showing the blue tint of the colour and highlighting the difference more so, without knowing the paint system used and how many alternatives there are it is hard to cite an exact reason why this particular colour is so blue but from past experience of Axalta which is the brand used by Land Rover I am aware that we have 2 x alternative shades on our system one being an original redder shade and the secondary being a more blue variant, it may be that the other repairer has a similar scheme and it could be as simple as the paint technician has selected the incorrect alternative? Other possibilities are an incorrect colour mix or a fault paint tinter that is making the colour go towards this blue hue?

With the colour being so far out I don't think that even if they had blended into the adjacent panels as I have suggested on my estimate they would have got away with the colour match and if I am honest they would have opened themselves up to more remedial work as they would be chasing this colour around the vehicle to try and trick the eye into accepting the difference. I would recommend an alternative shade is used of this colour preferably in Axalta and the side refinished and blended to rectify this, the enclosed estimate for consideration alludes to this method.

Some of the other items I have listed on my images review are simple "detail" touches that had they been picked up on quality control would have reduced the impact of the complaint. Items such as overspray on the lower chequer plate trims, build up and runs off the body fitting rivets and dirt inclusions in the clear coat build up and do not help the cause of the repairer in justifying the commercially acceptable repair argument!

The estimate enclosed is to by best professional opinion the correct Land Rover approved method to rectify this complaint case and without knowing the full history of the customer service side of the claim process I am unable to pass further comment on whether or not our mutual client will be willing to accept any further remedial work, however if agreed by your engineers department and or an independent engineers inspection we would be willing to undertake said repairs and offer a Land Rover repair guarantee on the repairs.

I am still having some issues with this method of email so I will also be sending via gmail, if for any reason you receive the email but no attachments (as has been the case for most of today?) Then please let me know and I will resend via another medium.

Yes I am in the UK. Do you have a contact number I can call you on tomorrow?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi ********** or **********

I am in meetings till about midday. So any time after that would be good

Best regards


Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi I am ok now

Best regards