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Jo C.
Jo C., Barrister
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23/ 05/ 2015 , I would like to ask advise and

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23/ 05/ 2015
I would like to ask for an advise and I will be very grateful for getting it.
In short words, I am with my boyfriend 4 years, but 1 year and half we live together in his flat from council, I have moved to him. Always he repeated that will be my home to the end. My name is ***** ***** tax.
After long abuse from time when I moved to him he is kicking me from flat almost everyday, making threats taking phone that he will call to police to get rid of me.
I said abuse, I mean braking teeth, throwing a knife in my direction, strangled me, many bad names, and mad stories about killing babes and, poking eyes if a man attacks me, there is a lot things which state that he is not right in his head.
He works 17 years in the same company, outside is nice for people. The woman before me run away fro him because he was abusive for her too.
I know I cant live with him,but before I moved I was asked by him for resigning from renting house, work, living my furnitures etc.
I do not have any place to leave, I can just go to a friend and stay in one room with my friend.I have plenty of things which I have to take from my boyfriend flat.
I just wonder what should I do now.
1.Should I call to police before I leave him to have a proof that I was kicked from his flat?
2. Do I have any rights to stay here being abused for so long?
3. I have things here and I cant take them all now, what should I do, I worry If I get them later or if he damages them?
4. Is it me who should leave this flat after 1 year and half leaving with him?
5. Do abused women, strangling with money and felling not well, have any right to stay in boyfriend homes ?
6. Is it possible that boyfriend can be removed from his flat after abuse and moved somewhere else?
I know I wrote a lot, I just wanted to show how my situation is difficult and as well say that this man doing this not first time with women. How is possible that a person like he is has a flat, but a woman for example must leave a flat, leave work/ I have to go to a place where I lived before moving/.
At the end just a small reflection. To my mind, if is like that that a woman in that so bad situation must leave the flat, I think that the law is not good and someone should do something about it.
Please, answer me asap, I really need a help, I am foreigner and it is so hard for me.
Thank you so much.
Katarzyna Zagdanska
Thank you for your question. My name is ***** ***** I will try to help with this.
On your specific points
1 There is really not much point. If this is his flat and you have not paid and you do not have children and are not married then you have no right to remain in any circumstances.
2 No. Wives do and those with children may. That doesn't apply.
3 You can always ask the police to accompany you to collect although they are increasingly refusing to do that now. You can always sue for their return or their value in default.
4 If the flat is in his name then it belongs to him and you cannot demand that he leaves.
5 No.
6 No. If the flat is in his name then it is in his name. Had you been married things might have been different. Had you had children with him it might have been different. if you had paid it certainly would. That did not happen.
Can I clarify anything for you?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thank you for your quick answer. I am satisfied from your answer, just not from the law in England. I have never seen that the abused woman after living 1 year and half had to leave the place where she lives.

In certain circumstances should me different law...

What I can say more, I am very unhappy about the all.

This man has home, work and I am not first who he abused.

How is possible that law is like that?56 years old man is doing whatever he wants behind the door and he has rights and I do not have any...

If you could tell me how to cope with all bad things in my head what I hear every day and waking up at nights with them too then please let me know...because I know that it will stay with me to the end of my life.

I live in Huntingdon, my phone number is *****(###) ###-####if there is anything you would help me.

Some things may be helpful:

I have 2 wonderful sons, have master degree and bachelor degree, no family here, small savings, Polish

He doesn't have any kids, secondary education, has some pension, black.

Thank you so much

Kind regards

K. Z.

I can't really comment on the merits of the law.
I can only tell you what the law is.
To be wholly honest, even if you were married you wouldn't get him out on a mere allegation alone. Courts do not put people out of their homes on mere allegations in particular not when it is always possible for the accuser to leave.
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