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I am a grandparent of a 16 yr boy. Daughter and her son have

Customer Question

I am a grandparent of a 16 yr boy. Daughter and her son have angue issues w each other. Dtr has kicked son out of home, will not take him back in, what are my rights. I cannot financially care for him for next 3 years till he graduates. I told dtr he can stay here for summer, but she has to spend time w him once a week to work thru their issues and she still has to provide for him. She states she is not giving money for food, clothes, etc. dtr has new boyfriend who moved in, not sure if this is where everything is stemming from. Boy is angry at mom and doesn't want to go home. Grades are good until this big blow up 2 weeks ago, however.since he is with me for what was supposed to be a cool off period, grades have improved. What are my rights, what is the 16 yr rights, has Add, and what is financial rights from his mother. Grandson real father lives out of stat on ss disability, sells drugs and if I don't take grandson, she is shipping him to him father who has never supported him and grandson has only seen once in 8 yrs, also dtr as never got a divorce from the father. Please help thank you. We are in Florida, father is in Ohio. Dtr and grandsons has always had a good relationship till last 3 months, dtr has spoiled him and always took good care of him. Now she doesn't give him lunch money, or take him to his school functions or cook supper for him. She eats out w new boyfriend and gets mad if son ask her to cook. I sent note to teacher asking to give him extra credit assignments to help bring his recent failing grades up, he has done some extra credit reports and have gotten a or b s on them. He's a good child, I can keep him the rest of school year, but I cannot financially support him and need her to pay us support. She says she is not paying one more cent for him. Won't pay for his drivers license, lunches, clothes, etc. he is happy here, helps w chores, helps neighbors, very polite, back to old self. She took his phone from him, won't give back to him, won't let him have his game system, TV or other things she has bought him over the years. Just need to know what my options is as I will be meeting her late afternoon after she has stood me up twice to discuss this. And she should continue to carry health insurance and take him to his appointments, correct? Dtr told me if I don't keep him, she will put him on a plan to him dads as soon as school is over, grandson does not want to go to a dad he doesn't even know. I would of never expected this from my dtr, so I feel this has to revolve around this new boyfriend some how. Thanks
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Law