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I am applying after spending 5years on a Tier 1(general)

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I am applying for ILR after spending 5years on a Tier 1(general) visa. Can I submit my application without a life in the UK test certificate? My current permit runs out in less than one week which won't give me time to sit and pass the test. I have satisfied other requirements specified and would like to know if I can make a submission of the test certicate on a latter date. Also, can my application be rejected on the grounds of no test certificate since I have attained a masters degree from a UK institution.

You must pass the Life in the UK test unless you are under 18 or over 65.

You may submit the ILR application without the Life in the UK pass but your application will be refused if you are not exempt on the grounds of age.

You still need to pass the test despite your UK masters degree.

Sorry that I cannot give you better news.

All the best
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Have you heard about an applicant submitting their application and later submitting supporting documents?

If i decide to wait for the test certificate and submit my application on the 3rd June, would that class me as overstayed?

I just need a second opinion as the application fees is not something i would want to pay twice, i have left it late but i dont want to leave it any later if there is a possibility that i could submit it 5 days later.

You may do so if you apply by post and write a covering letter saying that you will submit the life in the UK pass certificate as soon as you receive it and that they should not process your application until then.
All the best
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