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Jo C.
Jo C., Barrister
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Wish you good day,during payment from Turkey to ITALY the e

Dear sir  ,Wish you good... Show More

Dear sir  ,Wish you good times

Kindly need your help in a problem I got it before two month,

I deal with an ITALY company they produce expansion joints for bridges called(AGOM INTERNATIONAL  s  r  l)since 6 years I import from them

I asked a demand of 84000 euro, I paid for them 50 % in advance according to a proforma

They finished the production; I received an e mail on March asking me to pay the remaining 50% with a note saying they change their bank account

I paid the remaining payment by Turkey because payment transferring fees are small and I have my relative there, the account name is ***** ***** Company but the account number is ***** hackers number in England

I wait 12 days the payment not go to the ITALY company ,when I send to them the proforma and the bank account they informed me that the mail is hackered and this account number is ***** for them, they asked me to pay again otherwise they will not deliver the shipment

I paid again to get the shipment, the Italy Company told me they have no any responsibility related with the problem because the hackering happen out of Italy

The bank to whom the payment goes called Barclay in England

My relative by the Turkish bank who do the transfer  contacted  the English bank they told us that they will do investigation and it will take one month, After they did not tell us anything about the problem, the Italy company also send a letter to the English bank, saying that hackering happen

Kindly wish to know if we can get a lawyer from England to help us and if we can return something from the money and the cost of the lawyer with best regards

Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Law
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