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ClaireMy daughters contact is supervised by my ex's

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Hi Claire My daughters contact is supervised by my ex's mother as she was on holiday for a dew weeks my ex solicitors were threatening to go back to court for an alternative supervisor to be agreed. As I did not want the case to go back in court cos I have been very lucky in the final hearing. Agree his sister to supervise in the absence of his mother as long as she did written declaration and agreed for her to be future back up supervisor so contact is not missed.I clearly stated that the times from 23 may will be10til 4 as they have been 10 til 3 from 22 April til 23 may.however her written declaration confirms only 10 til 3 so I wrote to my ex solicitors and asked if they can confirm that she is aware of the 10 til 4.I wrote the letter on 11 may and we are on the 25 may and no news vrom them, shall I write another letter?The written declaration does confirm she is aware of the court order dated22 April 2015 but then says the time10 til 3. I know my ex wants togo back in court as wants more contact hours but the courts have put a claws of he can only apply if clear drug tests therefore I am avoiding being difficult and I believe they are being difficult so I take it back to court

Handover is outside police station and I fell they are trying to make me look incompetent by probably dropping my daughter at 3 but my dad or my sister nt there as handover is suppose to be 4.

I am just getting fears that they will ring police orsocial services and say I my family have not turned up to collect my daughter

I know it sounds stupid but my ex has taken my children from me through police by lying I have mental health issues and then the court gave me my children back

Thank you for your question.
Stay calm - all will be fine.
Write to the solicitor and say that in view of the letter you have received you will assume that contact will stop at 3pm.
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